What are truck bed rails


If you are recently planning to upgrade your truck’s appearance and functionality, then you can use Truck Bed Rails on your truck. Bed rails help to easily tie down cargo in the bed area without damaging or causing dents to the truck bed. They also carry long or heavy items that need more reinforcement than the truck rack can provide on its own. Bed rails are always a great option whether you use them for adding a great look or hauling large cargo in day to day basis.So, lets discuss here what are truck bed rails.

What are Truck Bed Rails?

It can be defined as simply long metal rails that sit on top of the truck beds and run the length of the truck bed walls. These rails can be used as tie-down points for larger items that you want to transport on your truck bed. You can also use them as protection against dents and dings from objects that may occur by hanging over the side of the truck bed.

You can easily and conveniently tie down your larger items at multiple points and from multiple angles by using truck bed rails..

Another reason why so many people choose to add truck rails to their vehicles is, they add a great look to the truck beds. Some people like them for the appearance and hence want to make their truck look a little more stylish.

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How do Truck Bed Rails work?

These are specially designed to protect the truck bed while hauling long or larger equipment that may extend over the side of the bed. Bed rails help truck owners to easily tie down and secure items, which ultimately help prevent scratches, dings or other damage to the bed. If you want  to hold a piece of bigger equipment in place like a motorcycle or snowmobile, bed rails will allow you to secure it easily, from multiple angles.


We can state a few benefits of using truck bed rails on your truck. It may benefit you in the following ways:

  • Helps secure a common piece of equipment to your truck, such as a latter.
  • Helps transport a heavy piece of machinery in the bed of a pickup, without worrying that it may tip over or move around while the truck is running.
  • Provides protection for the side rails of your truck. There is no more unsightly dings, scrapes and missing pieces of paint with the use of rails.

Uses of Truck Bed Rail 

Whether you use your truck for a specific business purpose or solely for family and recreational purposes, there are a lot of benefits of truck bed rails. Some uses are described below :

Commercial use: You can use rails for tying down equipment such as ladders and machinery as well as tying down materials and supplies such as lumber or pipes.

Farming purpose: You can also use rails for tying down farm equipment and supplies.

Personal usage: Truck bed rails are a option when you are transporting larger personal items such as furniture or large appliances.

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Recreational purpose: Use the rails for tying down sporting or recreational equipment such as ATVs, kayaks, skis, etc.


Truck bed rails are very easy to install as each manufacturer places holes in the factory bed rails; these are called stake pockets. These stake pockets are placed at different intervals down the rail. So, though different truck rails look identical, this specific mounting-system feature sets them apart.

You have to mount the bed rails to these stake pockets. Once you finish lining-up the stake pockets on the mounting plates, you need to simply tighten the included fasteners to get your rails mounted. 

Some of the bed rails are so easy to install as they are customised according to the make and model of your vehicle. Thus is the reason they fit perfectly. The best part is, installation does not require any drilling.

If you regularly carry larger items in your truck bed for work or for play purpose, or if you simply want to add a great appearance to your vehicle, then truck bed rails are a great option.

Some bed rails come with the interior Glide Track that works with sliding D-Rings to secure your cargo and keep your load safe. You can purchase Magnum bed rails that are available standard with a matte black powder coated finish or in mill finish at no extra charge. You can also go for another option, i.e Backrack bed rails, which can provide equally amazing service to protect your truck bed from dents and damages.

Tips Before Buying Truck Bed Rails

The truck bed rails should be custom-made specifically for your truck bed.

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Choose the rails that have steel construction for extreme tie-down strength and corrosion-free use.

Your truck bed rails should have a minimum strength rating of 350 lbs.

Always go for easy, no-drill installation to your stake pocket holes.

Check if all the necessary hardware are included or not.

The most important thing to look for in your truck bed rails is lifetime Warranty.


You can upgrade your truck’s appearance by adding Truck Bed Rails to your truck. if you are using your truck bed for hauling heavy loads, then also truck bed rails are a great option.

Truck bed rails benefit us by including additional areas so that you can tie down heavy cargo within the bed. Moreover, it provides the added security that machinery or appliances are safely and securely transported. Some brands also offer free shipping on bed rails within the continental United States, and include everything you need for installation.

Truck bed rails are great for tying down and securing equipment and supplies that you are transporting in your truck bed. But some longer or larger items such as ladders or small vehicles like snowmobiles or motorcycles might need to be secured in multiple places, which can be difficult to do with just a truck rack. In this situation, truck bed rails are an ideal solution for transporting these types of items.

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