How Can I Put Stuff In my Truck Bed Without Cover?


Covering the truck Bed Without Cover, while moving in a rush may be forgettable. Putting stuff in the bed with no protection can be manageable in some cases. With proper loading, you can eliminate caps. Sometimes insecure truckloads create a chance of accidents as well as loss or breakage of stuff. The US, AAA’S Foundation for Traffic Safety, is a non-profit charitable organization in Washington D.C, they found that poorly secured loads are responsible for more than 25,000 crashes and approximately 85 fatalities in the country each year.  And even drivers behind the trucks got injuries and also damages to their vehicles. So if something falls off your vehicle and injures someone, who is going to respond? Yes, you.

How can anyone put stuff in a truck bed without cover? With some common materials and some DIY materials, you can securely place your things without cover. There are ways to secure loads on a pickup without a cover. The tie-down methods are not only useful to get you stuff home securely but also about getting stuff home without harming anybody in the road. Things like furniture and other household goods can fly off your truck and cause injury, and you cannot put covers on them. All should tie down securely.

Things You Can Use Without Covers: (Instead of Covers)

With some right things you can fix your put in the truck bed without cover, all of them are readily available on online websites, like Amazon. Buy them instead of buying a cover and protect your stuff from any damage. Below is the list of things which you use instead of covers

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01. Get Ratchet Straps:

To secure your load, you should have or must buy a set of heavy-duty 15-ft ratchet straps. One set consists of four straps. The minimum break strength of those straps is 1000-lb. For long distance and if you drive fast, then these are a must. If you drive slow and don’t hit any bump, then rope and bungee cords work fine.

02. Use Stretch cling for Protection against Breakage:

You can’t put covers every time you take stuff, and something like 10-ft hauling about of your bed can never be covered. While you are in a store and buy some furniture or any great material, and taking those home without damage is a massive task. Drip edges, flashing, plastic conduit or any siding will all flop around and get damaged on the way home.  So take a roll of stretch cling film or buy those from the store. Wraps end of the materials. And to add support wrap the fragile bundle.

03. Cargo nets for flyaways:

While carrying lightweight materials, it is likely possible that it will fly away from your truck bed. Lightweight shipping also needs to be secure in the truck bed. The cargo net is the best solution for those. You can buy one for your truck, to get it in a cheaper price search on Amazon. Large ranges are available in . with the cargo net, you will get retainer clips, lay down the net upon the stuff which you are carrying and anchor the retainer clips on your bed. You can find points on the couch to pin them.

04. Bungee Cords for tight tie-down:

Securing cargo with bungee cords is a good option. It is most helpful when used to hold a tarp. The rubber straps have a hook on each side, making it easy to stretch them over an object. You can use lots of bungee cords to secure your cargo, it is easier, and as it reaches it hold everything tightly.

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05. Web netting for a large load in truck bed:

Web netting made from a heavier material than elastic netting, it is heavier and bulkier. Moreover, depending upon the type of cargo you can use them. Web netting is available in different shapes, sizes and load ratings on Amazon. It may be a little more expensive than other tie downs. And if it gets wet, you have to sun dry it before storing it in your storage.

Some Common Issues while Transporting:

Many of us as a truck owner suffer other problems while transporting discussing some common issues and how to fix them.

01. Bouncing out from truck bed is a Major Issue:

Stop stuff from bouncing out from the truck bed. If you are carrying a large hauling load like lumber woods you might move like a waddle. While resting the cargo in the bed. This is not a solution. And do not rest load in a truck that is raised on the gate. Your tailgate just cannot handle that kind of weight. So the proper process is by laying out two or more ratchet straps along the bottom of the bed and load the heaviest lumber over the straps. Set the lumber in increasing order. Shortest on the top. Secure the cap end, the middle and the trailing end with the straps. Now anchor the bundle to the truck bed with two ratchet straps. After loading crisscrosses the ratchet straps across the load, attach one end to the cab end anchor rings and other ends to the farthest bundle strap.

02. Give support and protect plasterboard:

The ratchet straps help you push oversize cargo safely. Generally, the bed size of a truck bed is 6.5-ft. If you need to haul a large cargo or load with the tailgate down, is it possible? Yes, it is possible with some hacks. First of all, check the load limit of your truck and the weight of each item. Finally, attach a red flag when your cargo is hauling out of your bed, by this driver from behind getting alert of your cargo.  

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For example, if you are loading 6*12-ft drywall in a 6.5 ft bed, start by laying out two ratchet straps across the truck bed. After that lay out two more 12-ft straps. Don’t forget to scrounge up some cardboard corners to protect the edges of your plasterboard. After that tighten the bottom straps to secure the bundle, then run two straps from the truck bed anchor rings around the back edge of the cargo and down to the bumper.

03. Small loads Problems of a truck bed:

Small loads have the maximum chances of damaging. Bed without cover, as it will float in the truck bed. These loads also can be secure by ratchet straps. Use the straps on the load and secure each end to the anchor rings on the bed.

Related Questions:

Will Ratchet straps work to strap down a refrigerator?

Yes absolutely, it will work to strap down a refrigerator. Use all four straps to secure well and anchor to the side of the truck bed. Ratchet straps can hold large and heavy shipments.     

Do you need a rooftop carrier to use a web net or can this be used without one?

One of our friends uses this with my 2017 Jeep JK. He attaches it with the bolts for the hardtop and the D rings in the trunk. It is by far the best solution to use without a rooftop carrier.

Can ratchet straps be “looped” into a circle to bundle/compress a large box?

Yes, They can be looped 2 together as one large strap.

What is the overall length of a ratchet strap?

Each strap is 2 inches wide and 20 feet long. The overall length is 20 feet.


Putting stuff in the bed of a pickup truck with no cover is possible with simple tie downs. No need to buy heavy tonneau cover to cover your stuff on a daily basis. Tie your cargo with suitable tie down and drive without any worry.

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