24 Essential Truck Bed Accessories Every Truck Owner Should Have


The first thing people look for after buying their new pickup truck is truck bed accessories. Many truck owners are often times confused about what accessories they should buy and what are their options. So I did some research and found out the need and functions of various truck bed accessories.

What are the best truck bed accessories? The best must-have truck bed accessories are truck bed mats, bed racks, bed extenders, bed organizers, tonneau covers, cargo nets, and tailgate locks. However, there are many more truck bed accessories that will give added advantage to your truck.

Any truck bed accessory you buy will depend on how you are going to use it. There are a lot of options that you can install on your truck bed. But there are some that are absolutely necessary and there are some that have special usage. Here we are going to discuss what are the best truck bed accessories available and why you should install them.

Full List of Truck Bed Accessories You May Need

Here is a complete list of Truck Bed Accessories you need to have as a truck owner with detail explains. Just explore why you need to have these essential accessories to your truck bed.

01. Tailgate assist

If you are looking for a smooth tailgate operation, and don’t want that thud from your truck bed slamming down. You can efficiently operate the tailgate even when you are carrying cargo in both of your hands. You will find tailgate assist specifically for your truck model and can install it easily.

02. Cargo net

Cargo net keeps your cargo in place and prevents it from flying out. It is especially useful when there is a lot of freight to carry, and your truck bed is full. They are not the best option to keep cargo in place, but helpful lightweight cargo. The net is made from bungee fibers and comes with metal or plastic snaps that hold your cargo in place.

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03. Ratchet tie down

When you are carrying heavy cargo such as furniture, lumber, piping, motorcycles etc you need to tie them down with something sturdy. A cargo net will not be able to hold them in place. You need ratchet tie down straps. It will anchor you heavy cargo to your car, truck, van, SUV or trailer.

04. Truck bed mat

It may not be as good as spray-on bed liners, it still does a pretty good job for the price. Truck bed mats prevent cargo from shifting and damaging the truck bed. They are pretty sturdy made from the high-strength rubber compound. It will prevent your truck bed from crack, rust, and dents. Plus it is weather resistant.

05. Bungee storage organizer

Drive organized and keep your Bed clutter free. Often times you will be carrying small items and you can’t just throw it on the bed. And then again you will not be strapping it with ratchet straps. You need a simple bungee storage organizer that keeps your cargo in place.

06. Tonneau cover

You will definitely need a tonneau cover if you want to keep your cargo waterproof and don’t want them to fly out. Installation is pretty easy, you can install it on your own within minutes. You will find tonneau cover in roll-up truck bed cover, folding truck bed cover, hard truck bed cover. For added protection, you can install weather strips.

07. Weatherstrips

It keeps the inside of the truck bed clean and dry by sealing the gaps located around the tailgate. It will work well with toppers, tonneaus, and lids. High-quality weather strips are heat resistant, thick, ozone resistant, and are non-toxic.

08. Tailgate lock

The tailgate lock will give you peace of mind that nobody is going to take away your tailgate. It installs over one hinge post of the pickup trucks. It keeps the tailgate intact with your truck even if the tailgate is open or closed.

09. Truck loading ramp

If you have an ATV or a motorcycle to load on your truck bed, you will always need a truck loading ramp to do it. You can fold most loading ramp and they make it from aluminum to provide superior strength. Make sure it comes with safety straps that will keep the ramps in place.

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10. Tailgate Mat

Just like for truck bed, there is a mat for the tailgate as well. It prevents cargo from shifting and damaging your tailgate. Made from compressed rubber, it prevents abrasions, cracks, tears, and spills.

11. Headache Rack

It is installed near the cab to protect it from damage caused by large and heavy cargo. adache racks enables you to carry lumber, ladders, and other large cargo easily without creating any damage to the cab. It also provides shade to keep the cabin cool. Many headache racks don’t have to be drilled in, it can be simply be bolted or clamped on.

12. Truck Bed Rack

If you want to carry large cargo overhead and keep the lighter ones on the bed, then a truck bed rack is the perfect product for you. This will significantly increase the amount of cargo you can carry on your truck.

13. Toolbox

Go to work with your power tools and equipment, protected and organized in an aluminum toolbox. It is made from high-quality material that can withstand adverse weather conditions. They are fitted with locks to keep things safe. Many even come with a removable, sliding tool tray.

14. Bed Slides

It is a must-have for carpenters, contractors, craftsmen who carry heavy duty tools and equipment on their truck bed. Bed slide gives quick access to your cargo, as you don’t have to climb up to the bed to get things out.

15. Bed storage

Bed storage will enable you to carry a lot of small equipment and tools. Carry your rods, guns, and boards conveniently. It will keep your tools out of the weather but will have a raised bed, so you will lose a lot of bed space.

16. Bed extender

A bed extender will add extra space to your truck bed space. It can take it in and out when needed. Keep your tailgate down, take out the bed extender and carry your cargo. You don’t have to worry about your cargo falling off.

17. Fuel transfer tank

Sometimes you may need to carry diesel fuel for power generators, farm equipment, and other machinery. This is where a fuel transfer tank comes in handy. They are made from high-quality aluminum and you have to install it in the truck bed at the back of the cab.

18. Truck bed hitch extender

Haul longer and heavier cargo such as lumber and piping with your tailgate down with a truck bed hitch extender. Prevent your cargo from falling off and let it rest flat on the hitch extender.

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19. Convertible Top

When a tonneau is not enough for space you need but also want the same level of weather protection, you should opt for a truck bed cap or a convertible top. You have to fix the truck bed cap but if you want something flexible you should install a convertible top that you can take off when you don’t need.

20. Truck bed cap

Just like a convertible top, but fixed. It gives you extra room and also gives weather protection. You may also get bed cap with tons of features such as insulated roof, slider window, led lighting, clothes hanger etc.

21. Tailgate cap

Tailgate is the most vulnerable part of the truck bed. It is often exposed to pressure, dust, and damage. It needs high-quality protection against scratches, nicks, and dents. Moreover, tailgate caps are typically made from durable and corrosion resistant material which is easy to clean, making it look like new all the time.

22. Truck bed rails

Protect your truck bed sides with high-quality truck bed rails. Made from high-grade steel it can withstand high pressure from heavy cargo and also resist weather damages.

23. Cargo bars

Sometimes you just have to haul a few stuff where ratchet straps or cargo net are impractical, then you need a cargo bar. It will keep your cargo still and are adjustable to fit the amount of cargo you are carrying.

24. Truck crane

It is a compact Crane that folds away when not in use. Moreover, its hydraulic jack will enable you to lift loads up to 1000 lbs. If you frequently haul heavy loads, this should be on your accessories list.


Truck bed accessories are a must-have for every truck owner. However, it depends on how you expect to use it. From basic storage to professional racks and everything in between are available for any kind of truck owners.

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