Top 22 Truck Bed Bike Rack Reviews – Which Should you Buy?


Many pickup truck owners do own bicycles which they love to ride on off-roads or simply just for fun. Many even take it for camping and use their bikes to ride around the site. But, carrying a bike is a different thing altogether. You can’t just toss in on your truck bed or tie it down with bungee cords. This is not only damaging to your bikes but also unsafe for other drivers. A bike has several moving parts, so simply tossing it onto the truck bed will not be enough. It will slide and bounce around the bed, creating enough damage to dig a hole in your wallet. So, after doing some research and talking to folks who already have a bike rack on their truck bed, I’ve prepared a list of best truck bed bike racks in the market.

1. Wolf Bike Racks

Wolf Bike Racks provides some of the best bike racks in the industry. The company has designed racks to overcome the problems and issues of other bike racks in the market. It does solve a number of issues such as:

  • It frees up cargo space and the bikes can be loaded on top of other cargo
  • Supports all bike types and sizes
  • No clamps, straps or wheel removal
  • Enables you to tow a trailer
  • Keeps the tailgate accessible
  • Fast loading and unloading
  • Keeps your bike secure in all road conditions
  • The patented rack is compatible with various truck bed sizes

2. Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack

Thule is a major player in the bike rack market and XTR is one of its most popular products. This is a fork mount carrier so you will have to take the front wheel off. It will carry two bikes, however, you can add more locking bed rider to the bar. The rack is made from the aluminum telescoping bar which has SoftGrip rubber feet to the truck bed side rails. It stays’ put without damaging your truck bed and doesn’t need to be drilled down the truck bed. The locking skewer will keep your bike secure in position, making it ideal for off-roading trips. It fits most full size and small pick-up truck bed and is compatible with most bed liners.

3. Apex Truck Bed Bike Rack

Apex allows you to safely carry 4 bikes on its rack. It installs on the truck bed and stays on the front of the bed behind the cab. The wells come with foam bumpers which will protect your bikes and the V-brackets will stabilize your bike’s front tires. The racks fit truck bed sizes of 52-3/4″ to 73″ wide. It installs easily on your truck bed and requires no drilling. The adjustable bolts with plastic stoppers keep the rack firm and stable. The rack is made from durable powder-coated steel, making it resistant to elements. It can be used on trucks with or without liners and comes and the foot pegs come with plastic caps to prevent any scratching or damage to the truck bed.

4. Heininger Automotive Advantage SportsRack BedRack

This is a wheel mount truck bed bike rack from Heininger, enabling you to carry 4 bikes at a time. The rack assembles in minutes and locks to the truck bed without needing to drill the bed or use any tools. Simply position the bike rack in place and fix them with adjustable rubber stabilizers. You can bikes with wheel sizes up to 28 inches; simply secure them using the 72-inch cable and secure the rear tire using the securing bar. The rack comes fitted with soft padding to keep the tires unharmed. Most importantly, it installs and removes quickly when you need full truck bed access.

5. Thule Insta-Gater Truck Bed Bike Rack

This is a single bike carrier which can carry bikes weighing up to 50 lbs and accommodates sporting rims from 20 to 29 inches in diameter. This is a wheel mount rack, which means you don’t have to remove your front wheel. Simply load the bike and secure it with its Quick-Load system.

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Installation is easy and doesn’t require you to drill or bolt on your truck bed. Simply place the rack on the truck bed keeping the rubber tabs between the tailgate and the bed, then close the tailgate. For anti-theft, the rack comes with a lock which secures the bike in place. However, note that it doesn’t fit a truck bed with over the rail bed liners and not a good option if you have a tandem.

6. Pipeline Racks Truck Bed Bike Rack

Pipeline Racks is one of the biggest players in the bike rack industry. The company has been producing high-quality product since its inception and is loved by many bike owners. This is no different! It is a great option for the owner with pickup truck bed size of at least 58.4 inches wide at the cab.

Installation is easy and doesn’t require drilling or bolting to secure. To secure, simply use the straps and fasten them tightly. It may need some assembly prior to installation and usually takes an hour to finish the job. The rack gives a great grip and stability to the bikes. However, it’s worth noting that the rack doesn’t support bikes with full fenders. You can get racks for multiple bikes as per your bed size and needs.

7. Inno Velo Gripper Truck Bed Bike Rack

When you need a bike rack system without sacrificing cargo space, this is the best bet for you. It mounts on the truck’s bedside rails without needing to drill-down any holes. The kit comes with two mounts that attach to the truck with ratcheting holder a D-ring on each mount. You can use the mount to attach tie-down straps to secure your bikes from wobbling around when you ride.

This is basically a pair of grippers which enables you to secure your bike without getting inside the truck. However, check the bolts from time to time, which may loosen up due to vibrations.

8. Hollywood Racks Sportrider SE2 HR-1450Z

This rack can double up as a truck bed mount, wall mount, inside car rack; you name it! It’s easy to install which comes pre-assembled. You simply have to fix it on a surface and use the bolts to hold it down. It’s not just durable but lightweight too, weighing just 12 ounces because it’s made from aluminum. It will hold only one bike, but it comes with a real budget price. The mount grabs your bike fork using a 9mm skewer, which gives firm stability even on rough roads.

9. Top Line UG2500-2 Uni-Grip Truck Bed Bike Rack

This is one of the simplest design bike racks that fit the truck bed in just a couple of minutes. It will fit almost all trucks with or without the bed liners. However, you will have some problems if you have a track system. It will hold 2 bikes but is compact, enabling you to another bike rack for more bike hauling capacity. It weighs only 4 pounds and accommodates any wheel size and most importantly, you don’t have to take off your front wheels.

Installation is pretty easy and it doesn’t have to be drilled on the truck bed. It comes with simple clamps that keep it secure to the bed rails. However, don’t forget to use the gasket before clamping to prevent any scratches on your truck bed. The frame comes with locks which keep your bikes from moving around while you drive.

10. Swagman Adjustable Truck Bed Bike Rack

Swagman is a pretty popular name in the bike rack industry. This truck bed bike rack features a simple design. It comes with two dock locks on an adjustable bar which fits truck beds of varying widths. The rack takes only a minute or two to install and take-off, so you get immediate truck bed access when you need it. The bar comes with rubber mounted ends with a quick release handle to adjust the rack’s mount. The bad end slot over the bed rails and can be locked to secure the rack in place.

First, fix the fork bolts in the position you want and slide the bike using the quick release skewers to fix it to the fork blocks. The blocks are sturdy and give you enough stability when you hit a rough patch. The rack is made from steel, making it weather resistant and the company gives a lifetime warranty. It weighs just 12 lbs and fits truck bed irrespective of the bed liner.

11. Saris Kool 2 Bike Truck Bed Mount

This bike rack from Saris offers a simple design and fits closely across the width of the truck bed. It can accommodate truck widths from 50 inches to 74 inches. The bar can be fitted with multiple fork locks as per your need. The rack comes with an inbuilt hydraulic pump which will hold it snugly to the truck bed wall using the right pressure.

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Taking out is even easier; you just have to flip the release switch and the pressure drops for the bar to be removed. Move the fork blocks using the quick release skewers to position and then attach the bike forks. It is made from a durable and recyclable material which is not rust and can withstand harsh weather hazards.

12. TMS 4 Bike Rack

It can accommodate up to 4 bikes irrespective of the rim and wheel size. The rack is flexible enough to fit both compact and full-sized truck beds. It comes fully assembled, where the rack secures to the inner walls of the truck bed and uses rubber stabilizers to keep the rack in place. The rack is fully adjustable and stays put with a pair of wingnut screws.

Installation is easy and requires no tool. The rubberized ends to prevent scratch or dent on the truck paint. Plus, the soft padding on the rack will keep your bike as it is. This is a lightweight product which weighs just 26 lbs. The bar extends from 54.5 inches to 67 inches without a spacer and from 60 5/8 inches up to 73 1/4 inches with a full-sized spacer.

13. Softride shuttle pad tailgate

This is a rather unique approach to carry your bikes on truck beds. There are no bars or racks to deal with; it’s simply a heavy-duty padded vinyl cover that goes on top of the tailgate to give support for your bikes to hang. However, this system does give a lot of truck bed space and is perfect when you are on a trip and you also have to carry your cargo on the truck bed.

It can accommodate up to 6 bikes over the tailgate which includes wraps to tie your bikes together on a daisy chain. The heavy-duty vinyl provides cushioning for the bikes as well as protects your tailgate from scratches and dents. It comes with 4 tie-down straps that keep the pad in place and 6 soft wraps to secure your bikes.

14. Yakima biker bar

This is a simple and efficient truck bed rack bar that fits the truck bed rails and makes room for two bikes at a time. The bar can installed and removed in minutes when needed. It clamps to the truck bed rails with a quick-release lever. The integrated fork blocks keep your bike in position using locking skewers.

The fork-mount bike rack lets you carry 2 bikes and locks using a 9 mm stainless steel skewers. You can choose to purchase additional adapters such as a 15 mm quick release axle and thru-axles. It features no-tool installation; the bar just slides into the adjustable towers which are clamped to the bed rails. The bar slides in the towers so it can be used to fit any truck bed size. The rubber pads protect your bed rails from scratches as well as prevents the rack from shifting. The bars are vinyl-coated galvanized steel, making it sturdy and weather resistant.

15. Yakima BedRock Multi-Sport Truck Bed Rack System

This is a unique rack system that goes on top of the bed rails, leaving ample space in the truck bed to carry your cargo. It also gives two levels of the storage system. The rack system can be used to carry your bikes as well as small kayaks and other cargo. Plus, the tower system is compatible with all Yakima accessories, making it versatile equipment. It features a simple cam-lock installation which doesn’t need to be drilled into the truck bed. The SKS locks are compatible with multiple crossbar widths.

16. Yakima GateKeeper tailgate pad

This is yet another simple way to carry your bikes on your truck bed without compromising truck bed space for your other cargo. The Yakima tailgate pad converts your tailgate into support to carry up to 6 bikes. The integrated bike cradles and closures keep your bike secure and stable. It’s easy to attach and easy to remove and tucked away when not in use. The tailgate pad also comes with a flap, giving you access to the tailgate handle.

It converts your tailgate into a bike rack as well as doubles as a tailgate and cargo protector. The overall padding prevents any damage such as scratches or dents on your tailgate. It comes with a felt lining on the underside to protect your truck paint from scratches, whereas the nylon straps easily wrap around the tailgate to give an easy and secure installation.

17. Reese Eclipse 4 Bike Rack for 2″ Hitches

Many truck owners would prefer a hitch mounted bike rack to free-up truck bed space. When you are on a long trip, your truck bed space is all you have and you don’t want just your bicycles to take up all your space. This is where hitch mounted bike racks provide a convenient option.

The rack can hold up to 4 bikes which rest on a single arm. The carrier tilts down the rack simply by pulling out a pin. Whereas the straps keep your bikes secure in the rubber-padded cradles. The rack is fixed with an anti-rattle hitch pin, thereby immobilizing the rack when speeding on the freeway. The rack itself is made from powder coated steel, making it durable and weather resistant. Furthermore, it comes with safety reflectors so that you can drive at night without worrying about other driver’s safety.

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18. Truck Bed 4 Bike Carrier – Topline

This is a rather unique approach to carrying your bikes on the truck bed. It uses separate rack arms that attach between each bicycle, whereas the final end is mounted on the truck bed rail. Simply clamp the first arm to the bed rail and add your bikes, connecting each with the rack arms.

The bike carrier accommodates four bikes which can be easily attached and removed when needed. The racks fit all pickup truck bed sizes and feature a simple clamp on install. The clamps attach to the bike frames up to 1-1/2 inches in diameter. However, you can attach the clamps to the seat posts as well.

19. Thule Hitching Post Pro Bike Rack

This is another reliable product from Tule. This hitch mounting bike rack features universal compatibility, has anti-sway cradles, a listing mast, and folding arms to give maximum versatility and convenience. The rack can carry up to 4 bicycles, whereas the dual arms giver better support and also eliminates the need for adapter bars.

The cradles come with advanced grooves and detachable anti-sway arms. The arms fold down when not in use. The bike frames fix at 3 different points to prevent any swaying or bike-to-bike contact. Its reinforced straps make sure your bikes are stacked securely. Moreover, the tilting mast gives you easy access to the truck bed space.

20. Swagman XTC4 4-Bike Rack

This is a platform style hitch mounted bike rack which can accommodate up to 4 bikes. Made from durable steel, it features a tray-style design which holds bikes of all frame sizes and style. Its integrated cushioned hooks and wheel hoops will keep your bikes stabilized. The folding rack makes up for easy storage. Its platform design helps in easy loading and unloading of bikes.

Among other features include: offset hooks to accommodate bikes of varying sizes. Integrated push-button ratcheting system for easy adjustment. The soft inner coating protects bike frames from scratches and abrasion. The sturdy rubber straps secure wheels to wheel holders. Moreover, braided steel cable locks your bikes securely to the rack.

21. Swagman Original – 4 Bike Rack

This is a rather simple hitch mounted bike rack that does its job well considering its price. The bike rack holds up to 4 bikes on its steel constructed frame. The cushioning protects bike frame from scratches and abrasions. Its flexible top plate accommodates bike of varying frame sizes. 3 tuning knobs keep the bike secure to the rack. It fits all 2-inch hitch, so can be used with RVs and trailers as well.

22. North Shore Hitch Mount Rack

If you are on a trip and are planning to carry your bike too, chances are your truck bed is already full. And you can’t just throw that bike on top of your cargo. Many truck bed bike racks fail here as they take up a lot of much-needed space. This is where a hitch mount bike rack will come in handy.

The North Shore Racks are one of the best manufacturers of hitch mounted bike racks in the industry. The racks are designed by mountain bikers so they have solved all your bike hauling pain points. Their patented hitch-mounted rack design is the original vertical mountain bike rack in the industry. They have models to carry 2, 4, or 6 bikes at a time. The rack gives your bike contact-free spacing and will not block brake lights. The racks are adjustable and will fold down when not in use giving you access to tailgates.


If you are carrying bikes on your pickup truck, it is much efficient to carry it on a bike rack. bikes have multiple moving parts which make it difficult to stabilize on a moving truck. Plus, the wheel could potentially make it roll out of the truck if not secured properly. Instead of using your own home-made tools or fixing it only with ratches on your truck bed tie-downs, a bike rack proves a much better and secure option.

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