Know How To Install Speakers in a Truck Bed (Explained)


A truck sound speaker is a piece of instrument that gives the low bass frequencies and can help enhance the level of the sound in your truck.So, lets discuss here how to install speakers in a truck bed.

If you want to install a speaker in your truck, you must be wondering how to do it. Well, you are at the right place. In this article, we have discussed about how to install the speaker in your truck bed. You need to read the instructions carefully to have your own speaker installed in your truck.

Let us discuss all the required materials to complete this procedure. You can begin with selecting the size of your speaker to plug and play.

Speaker Installation in a Truck bed

Required Materials

You will need the following materials to install the speaker in your truck:

Steps on how to Install Speakers in a Truck bed

Deciding the Size of the Speaker

The first step of installing your speakers will be to decide the size of speaker you want to have in your truck. Usually, the audio speakers are available in 8, 10, or 12-inch sizes, which will be ideal for your truck. However, there are also speakers that can reach up to 20 inches.

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Usually, the size of your speakers depends on the size of the seat of your truck. So, you should take the dimensions of your truck seat properly by measuring it with a tape measure before you head towards the shop to purchase your speakers. You have to invest in your amplifiers as well.

Finding the right place

Now you need to find the best location for installing your speaker. You can install your speaker at any place you like; however, the best location for your speakers would be under the rear seat. For this you have to remove the rear seat of your truck first. You can easily remove the rear seat by unscrewing the bolts of the seat. For this you will have to take the help of a ratchet. You can also flip the seat down so that it becomes easier for you to remove the bolts although it is not necessary.

After finishing removing all the bolts of the rear seat, you will be able to remove the rear seat completely. However, we recommend you to flip the seat back before actually removing the seat so that you do not face any hassles.

Then, you have to remove the centre brace that acts as a support to the rear seat. You are not going to need the brace once you install your speakers as the enclosure will give enough support to the rear seat once it is installed.

Installation of the Speaker to the Enclosure

After you got the size reference, you have to find the location where you need to install your speaker. After finding the perfect location, you just need to install the Speaker to the enclosure. For this, you have to strip the amplifier power cord using the power stripper. After it, solder the speaker wires to the speaker connections carefully inside the speaker box by using the soldering iron.

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Then connect the wires of the truck speakers into the 2 audio speakers. Then, you need to place the speaker inside the enclosure and then screw it in proper place. Remember the type of enclosure usually depends on the size of the truck audio speaker. After screwing, just fit the enclosure into its right position.

Connect the Wire for the Amplifier

After you have finished doing with the enclosure, you need to attach the wire of the amplifier. You can start with wiring the power from the battery. It is important to get the power from the battery and not from the fuse box; power from the fuse box often is dirty and you may get to hear your engine noise amplified through your speakers.

You can also easily blow a fuse by using the little ones the fuse box has. Now, you have to screw the fuse terminal to the area where you can easily access it. You can place it under the hood; however, you need to be little careful about the wires. So, you have to hide these wires carefully. The only thing you need to do is to place the wire under the carpet and along the trim of your vehicle’s door.

Connect the Stereo-to-Amplifier

You have almost finished the set up of the sub woofer. Now, you need to connect the stereo to amplifier cable to the RCA connections, which is located behind the stereo. Remember, you have to hide these wires the way you hid the amplifier wires. Then, connect the 2 connectors to the respective ports.

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Fasten the Wire for the Speakers

Now, it’s time to fasten the speaker wire behind the amplifier. Always make sure that there is enough wire to run from the amplifier to the speaker, including an extra 6 inches while cutting the speaker wire. Then, you need to strip the wires and connect it to the speaker in the terminals.

Putting the Rear Seat Back

When you finished doing everything, you need to put the rear seat back on its place. You can put the rear seat on top of the speaker enclosure and then bolt the screws back. The most important is to make sure that it is tight enough. Now, your speakers are installed. The next step would be to check if it works perfectly or not. After you check the performance of the speakers, it’s time to clean up.

To put back the radio in, you just need to reverse the steps that you have used to pull the radio out. Then, put the plug back in the hole. Now you need to lay the floor padding back down on top of the speaker wire, and screw the trim back on. Make sure that that the speaker wire is not hanging low under your vehicle.  Finally, you can take the truck out and test out the speakers.


Last but not the least, by this article you are clear on how to install speakers in a truck bed.

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