The Complete Guide to Truck Bed Liner – Top Rated Reviews and Buying Tips


Two things people buy after buying their pickup truck: truck bed liner and truck bed cover. We have covered a lot about truck bed cover in our other articles, so, today we will look into the truck bed liner. We will see what are the products and brands in the market and find out if it fits your needs.

Truck bed liners can be broadly categorized into two types: spray on and drop on. Now, let’s see what are your options in each of the types.

Spray-On Truck Bed Liner

Professional spray-on bed liners are permanent liners that provide an extra layer of protection to your bed. It makes your truck bed resistant to weather hazards, dust, and debris. But, that’s not all; it creates a tough layer that would make your truck bed invincible to harsh elements.

When it comes to professional spray-on truck bed liner there are three prime players in the market: 01) ArmorThane, 02) Line-X and 03) Rhino Linings.

1. ArmorThane

ArmorThane is a trough and adamant truck bed lining that will stand against the worst weather hazards. It’s applied hot using a high-pressure spray machine. Gives a superior grip for your cargo to stay on place and doesn’t fail even when you hit a rough patch. Multiple tests have been done by spilling materials such as oil and other chemicals, only to reveal no visible destruction.

If you are looking for a truck bed liner that could last the lifetime of your truck, then ArmorThane is your best option. All customers of ArmorThane liner trust it without a doubt. You will find almost no scratches even after using for several years.

Advantages of ArmorThane

  • Scratch resistant
  • OEM color match
  • Gives maximum cargo space
  • Reduces vibration and noise
  • Doesn’t cracks or warps
  • Easy to maintain

2. Line-X

Line-X is a good option if you are more concerned about aesthetics. And it gives a molded-in appearance. It is a durable coating that can take the worst weather hazards and is perfect for those who haul cargo and lumber on a regular basis. Compared to Rhino Linings it gives a much better coat. However, Line-X offers a much thinner bed lining. But, many don’t like Line-X because it is a hard mix and gives a rough surface. But, you can request to reduce the hardness of the finish while applying the spray. Line-X liner is durable than Rhino Linings because it employs a high-pressure curing system. All in all, it is a tough and durable liner that will protect your truck bed from the hardest of elements.

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3. Rhino Linings

Rhino Linings is popular for its ability to reduce road noise. Since the fast few years, the company has improved its products to better compete with Line-X. However, it is still a trusted and versatile product as the liner can be used on other places easily. Customers say that only a hose is needed to wash off the truck. It can also withstand rough cargo and weather hazards. It comes with a lifetime warranty and needs a professional installer for the job.

What are the Best DIY Bedliners?

1. U-POL 0820V Truck Bed Liner Kit

This is one of the best and easy-to-use DIY bed liner in the market. The kit comes with enough material to give your truck bed a double coat. Plus the spray gun makes it easier to create different texture when you need.


  • Stain and scratch resistant
  • Made from black urethane bed liner
  • Deadens vibrations and noise
  • With a UV resistant truck bed coat, the lining will not fade
  • Makes your truck bed waterproof
  • Facilitates fast installation and prevent damp, rust, corrosion etc.

2. Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush on Bed Liner Kit

This is a brush-on do it yourself bed liner for your truck. Herculiner is the best selling DIY liner brand and gets a five-star review from its customers. It is more than just a bed liner as the company claims that it can be used in 101 various ways. If you are getting the Herculiner kit you won’t be disappointed.


  • Ready-to-use black protective coating
  • Gives a tough, polyurethane protective layer with extra shine
  • It is thicker than other roll-on bed liners
  • Provides a skid-resistant surface
  • Bed liner does not peel, flake, or chip
  • It seals and bonds on the surfaces which prevent rust
  • Makes truck bed resistive against oil, gasoline, and other chemicals

3. Custom Coat Black Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit

If you are looking for performance, this should be on the top of your list. It promises to perform and do its job even in the worst weather condition. This is also one of the popular product in the market. This will keep your truck bed protected at all conditions. The comes with 4 bottles of liner base and 1 liter of custom coat hardener. However, we suggest you get the package that comes with a spray gun. However, you should know that it gives a plastic surface instead of rubber.


  • Makes truck bed abrasion and stain resistant
  • Reduces vibrations and noise
  • Protects truck bed against oil, solvents, and chemicals
  • Keeps your truck bed rust and corrosion free

4. Linerxtreeme Spray on Bedliner Kit

This spray-on bed liner comes in multiple color options such as red, orange, gray, white, you name it! The brand has been providing a high-quality DIY liner for the last 20 years. The company also claims that its polyurethane bed liner is one of the toughest in the market. This kit can encompass up to a surface area of 100 sq ft. The kit also includes two reducer cans and a spray gun.

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  • Provides UV protection
  • Has adhesion toughness
  • Gives a semi-glossy finish
  • Can be applied to boats, RVs, ATVs as well
  • It is one of the most durable truck bed liners in the market

5. Dupli-Color BAQ2010 Bed Armor Kit

It is a water polyurethane coating which is odorless. Its water-based formula makes it easier for a truck owner to apply. The solution is combined with rubber particles which deliver a uniform texture at the same time making it skid resistant. The coating dries quickly and makes the truck bed resistant to oil, gasoline, and other solvents. Plus, it can be applied to other surfaces as well.


  • Flexible application with superior adhesion
  • Contains Dupont Kevlar and is impact resistant
  • Can be reused and is easy to clean up
  • Makes your truck bed corrosion resistant as well as prevents from weather hazards

What are the Best Bed Rugs and Liners?

1. BedRug Complete Truck Bed Liner

This bedrug is made from 100% polypropylene plastic which makes it extremely durable. It can withstand the toughest loads and other spills such as gas, bleach, battery acid etc without breaking a sweat. To clean the truck bed simply hose or power wash the liner and you are good to go. Although it has a soft, plush surface, it will not absorb water. The carpeted surface also prevents cargo from sliding off. It has an additional tailgate hinge which keeps small debris at bay.


  • Provides complete protection and not just the bed
  • Gives a plush yet tough protection
  • Made from super-durable plastic yet feels like carpet
  • Withstands heavy impacts and chemical spills
  • Holds it shape at all condition
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

2. DualLiner Truck Bed Liner

This liner gives complete protection to the truck bed from floor to the wheel wells and tailgate. Its ZeroSkid rubber floor eliminates any chances of your cargo from sliding off. It will not trap water or dirt like other drop-in liners. The liner does its best to keep your truck’s original bed finish, at the same time preventing it from dents, dings, scratches etc. Plus, the rubber surface prevents static sparks which are common in plastic drop-ins.


  • Provides high-friction ZeroSkid rubber floor to keep cargo in place
  • Doesn’t trap water or dirt
  • Tough enough to prevent dents, dings, and scratches
  • Gives you complete access to tie-downs
  • Comes with a patented interlocking mechanism which makes for easy installation and removal
  • Lifetime warranty

3. WeatherTech TechLiner Truck Bed Mat

If you use your truck bed to haul a heavy load, equipment, or other sharp items, The WeatherTech TechLiner truck bed mat is your best option. It’s made from Elastomer which provides superior protection against crates, shovels and other equipment. It holds its shape in all weather condition and prevents any nicks and dents.

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  • Gives superior protection to your truck bed from all kind of damages
  • Blended Elastomer prevents your truck bed from dents and scratches
  • It’s UV-protected and fade-resistant
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Holds its shape in all weather condition
  • Limited lifetime warranty

4. Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat

If you are looking for the best bed mat for the best price, this should be on top of your list. It gives a semi-custom bed protection at a cost-effective price. It is made from a sturdy 3/8″ thick NyCord, which is a rubber compound infused with cords for additional strength. The material is capable enough to prevent impact damages and chemical spills. The non-skid surface prevents your cargo from sliding out and the rubber cleats keep the mat in place.


  • Give truck bed protection at a cost-effective price
  • It is cut to fit the floor of your pickup truck
  • Nycord provides a rugged rubber compound for additional strength
  • It will not break, crack or fall apart in extreme temperatures
  • Mat is held in place securely

5. Lund Cargo Logic Bed Mat

This is a semi-custom bed mat which has a carpet-like surface. It comes with its unique cargo locks which are secured to the mat to keep your cargo fixed in one place. Although it has a carpet-like an appearance, it is made of thermoplastic material which will withstand heavy impacts and weather hazards.


  • Keep your tools in place without any chance of sliding off
  • Semi-custom design fits perfectly to the bed
  • Comes with 4 cargo lock which can be fixed anywhere on the liner to fix your tools in place
  • Thermoplastic liner resists snow, rain etc
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lifetime warranty


Bed liners provide a wholesome protection to your truck bed, so do have to consider a few things before purchasing. If you need the best solution, we suggest you opt for a professional grade spray-on bed liner. DIY spray-on or roll-on bed liners are also a great option considering its price, but it’s not as protective as a professional grade spray-on liners. Bed rugs are best when you will be using the bed for camping or when you have to carry your pet on the truck bed. All in all, a bed liner is a must-have installation on your truck bed. It will not only keep your bed last longer but also give an aesthetic appeal and increase your truck’s resale value.

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