Know How to Mount a CB Antenna in a Truck Bed (For Beginners)


The process of mounting a CB antenna in your truck bed is really difficult. However, this is a bit tricky rather to be difficult. If you get right kind of instructions, then it will become easy for you.So, lets find out in this article how to mount a CB antenna in a  truck bed.

There are a lot of options available in the market as far as various models of CB radio and antenna are concerned.  But when you want to mount the antenna properly, the rules can be generalised. In this article, we have tried to give a brief idea about how to mount the CB antenna in your truck bed. We have also discussed about the right places where you can install the CB antenna to have hassle free service.

Some Recommended Places for Installation of CB Antenna

You can install the CB antenna in the following places to get the best results:

  • On the front bumper
  • On the rear bumper
  • On your truck’s roof using a magnetic installation clamp; this will help you to uninstall it when you do not need it.
  • A magnetic clamp on top of your hood;  this will help you to keep it out of your field of vision.
  • On the front fender
  • On the rear windshield guard

Steps to mount the CB antenna

Step 1 – First choose the place of installation

Before going to the installation process, make sure that you have decided the place where you want to install your CB antenna. For beginners, it will work as a reference as to buy the best CB antenna for the truck bed.

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For example, if you want to mount the CB antenna on the roof of your truck, then you need to buy the magnet mount, base loaded antenna. The magnetic base will get fixed on the metal and you do not need to fix the antenna with any hardware. However, this kind of antenna will not work for you if you want to mount it on the bumper or truck bed.

You can mount your CB antenna on the roof of your truck, which will be an ideal location. Here, your antenna will get the best ground plane coverage; the ground plane will function as a horizontal surface that helps reflect the radio waves from other radio elements.

Another popular location can be your stake-holes lining the truck bed. This can be very much helpful as this does not involve any drilling of holes to fix the mount. Antenna mounts that are specifically designed to fit these holes are known as the stake-hole CB antenna mount.

In the truck bed, you can mount the CB antenna in both ways; you can mount your antenna in the stake holes or you can choose the tool boxes. However, this choice can lead to a hassle of drilling holes.

Step 2 – Secondly, fix the Antenna Mount to the Truck bed

As we have mentioned earlier, antenna mounts, specifically designed for stake holes are easily available in the market. So, you need to mount the antenna on the driver’s side and as close as possible, to the cab in order to get the best signal. Make sure to keep the antenna length at least a foot above the cab, keeping the length shorter will give you a high SWR reading, which may be damaging for your radio.

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Remember, you can keep your antenna as tall as you want but it should not hit overhead passes. Make sure you have all the required instruments that you need to mount the CB antenna. Attach the antenna mount to the coax after fixing. However, this process can be done in various ways.

Some antennas come with studs which require the ring terminal connector on your coax wires, while others will require the PL259 connector.

Step 3 – The next step is R outing the Coaxial Cables

This step involves getting the cable from the radio to the antenna. Make sure you have kept cable in such a manner that it is less visible to others. Remember to keep minimum slack in the coax cable and at the end, properly store the excess coax. Then tie it at the centre. Do not store the coax in a coil as it may lead to a rise in the SWR reading.

Step 4 – Fourth step is to Tune the Antenna

This is the final step of installing your CB antenna after which you can start using your radio. You are required to tune your radio antenna before the antenna is able to pick up signals and allow an SWR reading.

You need to keep checking the reading that the SWR meter gives in between the adjustments. Then compare the reading at channel 1 and at channel 40. The two readings are required to be more or less, equal or below 2.0. Remember that high SWR readings may damage your CB radio. This can also act as a guide when you actually want to adjust the length of the antenna.

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If you find that the SWR reading in channel 40 is higher than that of in channel 1, then your antenna is too long and vice versa. You may need to park your vehicle in an open space keeping it away from trees or buildings. You should keep your antenna at a distance of 10 to 20 meters from the trees and the buildings.

Keep the space clear of any obstruction and stay inside your vehicle with the door and windows closed to minimize any interference. This will ensure that the reading of SWR meter is accurate. The next step would be to learn the codes and yes, you are ready to go.


Buying the best CB antenna does not solve your purpose. You have to mount the CB antenna properly to your truck bed; else it will create problems later on. So, the mounting must be done. However, the steps may be simple or tricky depending on the type of antenna you have. If you have any confusion, then you can consult your radio manuals. You can follow the instructions that is written on the user guide to install the antenna properly. With these instructions that we have written done for you, and with the help of your manual, we hope that you will get your CB radio and antenna set up in no time at all. Best of luck, and hope you have an amazing experience with it. You can visit to buy CB antenna for your truck bed.

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