How to Make a Truck Bed Tent


If you are recently thinking about building your own truck bed tent, you need to follow certain steps to build it on your own without taking anybody’s assistance. Once you park your truck, you can just pop up your tent and toss in your truck bed air mattress. You can also upgrade your truck bed tent with extra storage and seating. You can also make space for extra room inside if you plan accordingly. So, lets discuss here clearly on how to make a truck bed tent.

So, how to make a truck bed tent? Well, you need to arrange PVC pipes that suits the measurement of holes placed behind your truck. The next step would be to find the perfect triangular shape and build the frame accordingly. You can also connect the pipes with extra pieces to add more strength to the tent. The next and the most important step is to cover your tent with tarp, which will be followed by the next step of making the tent windproof and sound proof.

Steps to make a Truck Bed Tent

Step 1 ⇒

To build your truck bed tent you need to put those holes in the back of your truck to use. If you are wondering why truck manufacturers have included 4 holes in the side of their truck’s back, then you can find out the answer now. For the first step you will need 4 PVC pipes that can fit into the holes well and be the feet upon which your roof will stand.

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Step 2

The next step will be to make your truck bed tent look like the shape of the letter ‘A’. The best and most suitable form for your truck bed tent can be the form of an “A”, like the letter A. To achieve this shape, you have to make the first layer with the four feet, and then match them with horizontal pipes.

For this, you will need two extra pipes that perfectly match the length of the side of your truck’s back. You will also need four 45 degrees elbows, and 4 T connectors. You need to connect each 45 degrees elbow to a foot and then plug the T connector in that elbow.

Then match every two elbows with the long support pipe. By doing this, you make sure your tent is more stable and it can stand against the wind and the rain. This type of tent is also very much suitable for accommodating two or more people. Hence, you can travel with your family.

Now, you can achieve the lower half of your A. Then you have to work on the upper half of your actual roof. This part needs to look triangular in shape to have the actual complete form of an A.

To achieve this triangular shape in the upper half, you need 4 extra pipes along with two 90 degree connectors to be the top of our roof. Now you have to connect each pipe to a T connector and then hold them together using that 90-degree connector. Now, you have achieved your perfect A form shape for your back truck bed tent.

Step 3

The next step will be to add more strength, which will ensure no harm to your tent. If the weather becomes windy and rainy outside to the point that this form of truck bed tent does not withstand the extreme weather conditions, you have to set another plan to make your truck bed tent stronger than before.

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To make your truck bed tent steadier and stronger, you need to cut your 4 top pipes into half to get 8 shorter pipes. Then, you have to arrange 2 extra-long support pipes and 2 extra T connectors. Now, you need to connect each two short roof pipes together with the T connectors before you reconnect your top with the 90-degree connectors.

Arrange two extra support pipes and plug them in between the new 2 connectors. By doing so, you will have an extra support line. Finally, you need to connect each upper short roof pipes together with a 90-degree connector. This way you ensure your truck bed tent is steadier than before.

However, you can also consider making the tent in this way when it’s clear outside; it will always look better.

Step 4

You can cover the frame of the truck bed tent that you made recently. You have put everything in place. So, the next step would be to cover it up with the tarp, which will make the tent look like a tent. The tarp is basically a large sheet of string made up of flexible, waterproof, and water-resistant material.

Always make sure your tarp does not exceed the frame of the tent. It should neither be too large nor too short. Your tarp should be fixed in such a way that it would protect you from both the rain and the wind.

Finally, you need to fix your tarp with 4 clamps in the front and 4 in the back so that it helps to hold the tarp firm and does not let the tarp fly off,.

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Step 5

While camping in the truck bed tent you need to get rid of the outside noise. Sometimes, the wind goes stronger and the tent starts to move and vibrate making a very bad and disturbing noise. To prevent this from happening, you need an extra piece of unpredictable material, a pool noodle.

This pool noodle will create an extra layer thereby covering the four feet of your tent. Doing this will prevent them from coming to contact with sides of the 4 holes and to fill that gap between the foot and the side of the feet.

Now, you need to cut it down to 4 short pieces and cover every foot.

Step 6

Making a truck bed tent seems complicated; however, creating your tent won’t be hard if you pay attention to minute details. You need to be very careful when buying your construction material. Everything needs to fit perfectly.

You need to have the best truck camping experience. Hence, make sure the pieces will fit perfectly when you purchase them before starting the construction. Always make sure to purchase 1-inch pipes for building it. However, it still depends on the holes of your truck.

Final words

Making a truck bed tent on your own will save a lot of money. Moreover, you can build your own tent without taking anybody’s help while camping. Hence, you need to carefully follow the above steps to build your own truck bed tent without facing any problems.

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