Are Truck Bed Mats Good


Are Truck Bed Mats Good? Well, the answer is partially yes. Because as you start driving your truck, the cargo in your truck start moving around, which may further cause dents and scratches in your truck bed. Hence, you need a protection for your truck bed as a tiniest dent may cause a huge repair cost. But why we said partially yes is, truck bed mats are not water resistant and not that much durable as compared to the bed liners.

In this article, we have discussed every aspect of bed mats and also discussed differences between a truck bed mat and a truck bed liner. Despite the fact that bed mats are less durable, there are a few reasons why you need them. There are certain circumstances that you may want to invest in a bed mat instead of a bed liner.

Why you need a rubber bed mat?

If you want to carry different supplies in your truck, you may notice your truck having some scratches, dents, and even rusts accumulating. This occurs because of the friction between the cargo and your truck bed when the cargo moves around during driving. This is the reason why you need a rubber bed mat for your truck.

Rubber bed mats help reduce impacts

Rubber bed mats are specially designed to reduce the impact on the truck no matter what type of cargos you carry in your truck. Most people opt for rubber mats because they do not crack or break even under extreme temperatures. The rubber bed mats also help spread the force that is created on the surface while loading the cargo on your truck bed. These mats also help to prevent denting and stop the existing dents from expanding and getting bigger.

It keeps the supplies in place when moving

Truck bed mats also helps protect the cargo when the truck moves, because when the truck is in motion, the supplies and cargos kept inside tend to move around. This may cause damage to the materials kept in the truck bed as well as the bed itself. The rubber bed mats can reduce the motion and keep the cargos in place. They also help reduce noise that occurs due to the friction between the truck bed and the cargo.

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What exactly are truck bed mats ?

Truck bed mats are one of the options available to prevent your truck from possible damage caused by the cargo you haul. They also prevent your cargo from shifting or sliding down from the truck thereby providing a frictional grip to your belongings.

Consumers often use truck bed mats to save the bed from damaging scratches. Many truck bed mats are made of materials that are durable; they come in rubber, plastic or carpet. Another reason why people use truck bed mats is they are flexible and versatile. You can use them in multiple locations. They are very easy to take them to the workshop whenever it is needed.

Let us discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of truck bed mats that you need to consider before buying one


They offer some kind of protection to the bed.

They are easy to clean up when they become dirty.

They are really affordable as compared to a bed liner.

You can easily install truck bed mats. Almost everybody can do this.

Like the installation, they are easy to remove, which makes it a great option for a non-permanent solution.

Truck bed mats can entirely cover the flat surface of your truck without leaving a tiny space.

Truck bed mats can be paired with a tailgate mat together for more protection.

If you want to customize the truck bed mats for the specific model you own, then you can easily do this. You can also purchase a fit that is universal and then trim it to the desired dimensions.


They are usually lower in quality as compared to bed liners and hence they do not last longer.

In some cases, your cargo may slip as the bed mat moves around. If the mat does not fit your truck bed properly, it may move while going over a bump or during driving. Hence this causes some safety issues with the protection of your bed and cargo.

Truck bed mats cannot be installed on sides or walls of the truck bed. Hence, they do not protect these areas.

You can have issues of corrosion that builds up under the mat, as truck bed mats are not water tight. Hence, moisture and water may get trapped in there and help cause rust.

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Which truck protection is better?

Truck Bed mats vs. Truck Bed Liners

If you are confused to decide between truck bed mats and truck bed liners for the protection of your truck, then we have a solution for you. In this article, we discussed about two main factors that you need to consider while thinking about protecting the bed of your truck. The first factor you need to consider is how much coverage you want for your truck bed and the second one is how much you can invest for the protection.

Bed liners are the best option if you want a durable coverage, but they are really costly. On the other hand, bed mats are way too cheaper than the bed liners. They are an ideal option if you are running short of budget. Remember truck bed mats do not provide the same protection.

Truck Bed Mats

Truck bed mats are one of the earliest methods of protecting a truck bed. You can use a quality truck bed mat to cover the floor of the truck bed. However, a truck bed cover leaves the truck’s walls and wheel wells uncovered. If you are on a tight budget, then this is a good option for you. Truck bed mat is also a good option if you carry limited amount of cargo.

A truck bed mat helps protect your cargo from sliding down. However, it does not provide the same protection as a bed liner. Previously, truck bed mats were only available in rubber materials, but recently they are available in so many different materials. You can find some higher-end truck bed mats that feature premium rubber or other materials to provide the durability and ruggedness. Some bed mats are also custom made for a better fit, while a few of them feature a knobby underside that helps promote the air flow. This additional drainage helps keep the truck bed dry and free from rust. So, you should buy a truck bed mat if:

You have a low budget and

You do not need protection for the wheel wells or truck walls

Besides the advantages of a truck bed mat, there are a few reasons for why you should avoid using a truck bed mat.

If you are willing to invest more in a truck bed liner, you should avoid purchasing a truck bed mat.

If you need the maximum protection for the bed, wheel wells, truck walls, and the tail gate, then you should use a bed liner instead of a truck bed mat.

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A truck bed mat helps protect your knees, as it is soft to the touch and helps protect from impact damage. However, it does not provide the same type of protection compared to a bed liner. That’s why we highly recommend having a bed liner if you have the budget to invest in the same.

Truck Bed Liners

Truck bed liners have become popular over time as they give maximum protection to the truck beds. If you choose spray-on or roll-on liners, then you can get most of its benefits. Spray-on liners protect the bed thereby preserving the design and contour of the truck itself. They also help protect your truck bed from scratches, while keeping the underlying metal from element damage.

A high-quality truck bed liner ensures utmost safety from water damage or rust. Many people are willing to invest extra money to get this type of protection. A small rust spot in your truck bed that is caused by lack of protection can cost you more in the long run.

So we recommend buying a truck bed liner if:

You are willing to spend more to protect your truck properly and

If you can install a truck bed liner on your own or you are willing to pay a professional to have it installed.

However, you should avoid a bed liner if:

You are not concerned with the protection from water, sun and road elements.

You are short on budget.

Final words

Most people like to use truck bed liners as they are superior to truck bed mats in every way, irrespective of its price. However, if you do not haul too much cargo in your truck bed, then you can choose a truck bed mat. If you are not willing to pay more for a bed liner, then also you need to avoid purchasing a truck bed liner. But in the long run, it may cost you huge bucks if you use truck bed mats. Your truck bed may get damaged if you haul a lot of cargo regularly. Bed liners are costly but they worth every penny. They will save from the expenditure that may arise from even a small dent on the truck bed in the long run.


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