20 Best 5th Wheel Friendly Tonneau Covers – Know Before Buying


Americans consider a pickup truck to be an all-purpose vehicle. From camping to hauling ATV to driving a trailer and everything in between. Many truck owners in the USA love vacations in a trailer; some even make it their mobile homes. But, when you are not using a trailer, you will need a cover to protect your truck bed. And if you will be towing a trailer more often, you have to find a tonneau covers that work even with your trailer attached to the hitch. So, after doing some research and talking to our neighbors who have a trailer and a bed cover to go with it, I’ve narrowed down the best 5th wheel friendly tonneau covers in the market.


Price: $250 to $450

When you have a fifth on your tail, you need a cover that quickly unwraps as well as doesn’t block your rear window. This is the reason, low profile roll-up tonneau covers are the perfect option when you have 5th wheel hinge sitting on the truck bed.

This is a great product from Truxedo at a price that doesn’t break a bank. The cover comes with an easy hook and loop sealing system and stay’s put on the truck bed with a simple latching system. The cover accommodates most 5th wheel hitches. It has an all aluminum powder coated frame for structural strength and features clamp-on installation making it easier to attach or take-off when needed.


Price: $200 to $500

TonnoSport tonneau cover has an ultra low profile design, lying just ½ inches above the bed. You will get full visibility through your rear window, which is absolutely necessary when towing a trailer.

It features a heavy-duty trigger latch which releases with a flip, so uncovering this cover takes only minutes. It will easily accommodate most 5th wheel hitches. When you are not using your trailer, simply clamp-on to attach. Adjust the vinyl cover with the EZ-Dial tension controller. It rests on an anodized frame and rolls-up easily within minutes to give you full-bed access.


Price: $100 to $300

When you are towing a trailer, you need a tonneau cover that’s easy to use and lasts even with frequent use. You need a high-quality cover you can depend on. SRX roll-up offers you everything you need at a great price. It works with almost all 5th wheel hinges and gives full truck bed access in minutes. You get an industrial strength leather grain textured vinyl and features heavy-duty latch for added security. Its easy clamp-on installation makes it easier for you to roll in an out when needed.


Price: $200 to $400

This is a soft rolling tonneau cover made from marine grade vinyl and rests on a powder-coated aluminum frame for rigidity. This is not only a great tonneau cover but also compatible with most 5th wheel hinges. The aluminum rods provide enough stability to support heavy snow and rain.

The cover features no-drill installation. The side rails use C-clamps to attach to the truck bed and the cover fastens to the rails using two bolts. It’s easy to use design enables you to quickly roll-up when you need full bed access or your 5th wheel hinge. Rest assured, the quality is top notch because it’s made here in the USA and comes with a 1-year warranty.

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Price: $300 to $600

It’s a little pricier than other models but does provide a product that will last the lifetime of your truck. This is a low profile cover which is made from commercial grade vinyl and is supported by industrial grade aluminum rods which can support heavy snow and rain on the cover.

The cover supports most 5th wheel hinges and covers when rolled-up doesn’t obstruct your rear view window. It’s easy to install using its simple clamp-on design. The hook and loop fasteners keep the cover secure on its place and effectively keeps elements out. It rolls up easily and sits just ¾ inches on the bed to give you full access to your truck bed.


Price: $400 to $650

Extang Revolution tonneau cover is unique in many ways and provides you a fail-free operation. It can be custom designed to fit your truck seamlessly. It comes with an integrated multi-directional tension system fastens perfectly on the seams. The cover accommodates nearly all 5th wheel hinges, enabling you to tow your trailer. The ultra low-profile design doesn’t block your rear view which is absolutely necessary when you are towing a trailer. The spring-loaded bows roll up within the tarp when not in use, giving you full-bed access.

This is a heavy-duty tonneau cover which is easy to install an take off when not in use and comes with a lifetime warranty.


Price: $400 to $650

This is a high-quality low-profile tonneau cover from Access. The cover itself is made from agriculture grade vinyl with a grain-style finish, giving you not only a functional but also a stylish product. It supports almost all 5th wheel hinges to tow your trailer.

Its hook and loop fastening system keeps elements away and also rolls-up easily when you need full bed access. Opening the cover is easy, thanks to its patented AUTOLATCH II technology. This truck bed cover makes hauling, towing and other truck bed activities hassle-free.


Price: $400 to $600

This cover’s built quality and features even beat the hard-top covers. The cover itself is made from double coated heavy duty vinyl which is strong as well as flexible. Rest assured it does accommodate almost all 5th wheel hinges. Plus, it’s low profile design which sits only 1 ½ inch above the truck bed giving you full rear view.

The tonneau cover is easy to install and can be accomplished by one person within 30 minutes. It’s also easy to use and gives you full-truck bed access in seconds when you need it. Moreover, the cover comes with a cargo reacher, battery operated LED cargo light, tailgate seal and some tonneau cleaner as extras. All in all, this is a great product that will go with your 5th wheel.


Price: $200 to $300

The Sure Fit Cover is a budget tonneau cover that comes with all the trimmings in a sleek look. It features simple adjustable bows and snaps that keep the cover secure and snug. The cover adjusts to temperature changes, making it ideal for all weather condition. It supports almost all 5th wheel hinges and also gives a low profile design to give you maximum rear view when you need it.

The snap closures make it easier to open and close the cover when you need full-bed access. Installation is easy, as the aluminum rails simply clamp on to the truck’s bed rails. Furthermore, as claimed by the company, it reduces drag, giving you more gas mileage.


Price: $900 to $1100

If you need a roll-up tonneau cover that provides more industrial protection and security, this is your best bet. However, it’s not low profile at all and will obstruct a portion of your rear view window.

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The cover is made from interlocked aluminum slats with a vinyl fabric on top. It will support most of the 5th wheel hinges with the cover closed. The aluminum slats enable the cover to hold up to 400 lbs of evenly distributed weight. Simply roll-up to get full truck bed access when you need without taking off the cover itself.

Installation is pretty easy; the side rails simply clamps on to the side of the truck and the cover bolts to the rails at the front and latches near the tailgate.


Price: $1000 to $1400

This retractable tonneau cover is made from heavy-duty aluminum slats, each coated with ArmorTek polymer that makes the slats weather resistant, and durable. The cover auto-latches every 12 inches, giving you truck bed access with the cover partially open. This is great news for 5th wheel drivers. Speaking of which, it supports most 5th wheel hinges.

The canister is compact, and the cover retracts with a twist using a heavy duty continuous tension spring. The cover comes with a built-in handle across the rear of the cover and also comes with a convenient pull strap for easy operation. This is a low profile truck bed cover that doesn’t obstruct your view from the rear window and also facilitates using a 5th wheel drive.


Price: $1050 to $1350

The ReTrax ONE retractable tonneau cover is made with a polycarbonate exterior with aluminum reinforcement rods which runs through it. This makes the cover extremely impact and scratch resistant which can support up to 250 lbs of the load when distributed evenly. It supports nearly all 5th wheel hinges and gives immediate truck bed access when needed.

To make it watertight, the cover uses neoprene compression gaskets which will keep your cargo safe from snow and rain. It features a unique lock system that lets you lock the cover in-between the truck bed, making it easier for towing or hauling.


Price: $1000 to $1500

This is a cost-effective option in the retractable tonneau cover market, but it doesn’t skimp on security and quality. This the cover is made from LEXAN polycarbonate, which makes it extremely durable, lightweight and UV resistant. It also prevents moisture built-up and can withstand temperature from -50 to +200 ℉.

The cover is practically maintenance-free which uses sealed ball-bearings that are mounted on aluminum support beams. The top features a single piece of construction to prevent water penetration. Installation is easy as the cover simply clamps on the rails without a need to drill the truck bed.


Price: $800 to $900

The Gator Recoil is made from aluminum slats enabling it to support 150 lbs of evenly distributed weight. The slats are matte black powder coated making it tough and UV resistant. For water resistant, the cover uses thermoplastic elastomer seals in all the hinge points.

It accommodates most 5th wheel hinges and gives fast truck bed access. Installation is easy and requires no drilling, all thanks to the clamp-on design. This retractable cover locks in three positions between the truck bed. You can also customize it as per your needs. If you are looking for a cost-effective 5th wheel friendly tonneau cover, this is your best bet.


Price: $1100 to $1200

This is a great retractable cover and comes at a great price tag. The cover is made from aluminum slats containing a vinyl overlay. Both the frame and rails are black powder coated which makes it durable and UV resistant.

It will support most 5th wheel hitches and gives truck bed access in minutes. It can be installed and removed pretty fast, thanks to its easy bolt-on installation. The cover with latch every 12 inches, when you need partial truck bed access.


Price: $900 to $1000

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The Pace Edwards Switchblade tonneau cover is made from the aluminum panel with an ArmorTek polymer coat, making it extremely durable and weather resistant. The panels retract using a continuous tension spring which enables it to roll smoothly into the canister.

It supports most 5th wheel hitches and gives you immediate truck bed access when needed. It can be installed and removed in minutes and can be done at home. Be it 100% full truck bed access or partial opening, it does a great job.


Price: $1800 to $1900

The American Roll Cover is made from double wall aluminum which is textured powder coated for durability. It integrates latch systems enables it to latch every 12 inches, giving your partial bed access when needed.

It will support most 5th wheel hitches and features and easy operation. It provides significant weather protection, thanks to its larger weather seals. Moreover, the rails come with a 4-way drain system to dispel excess water. It also features an optional keyless entry latch which is located under the cover.


Price: $1300 to $1400

The BAK Vortrak tonneau cover is made of interlocking aluminum slats which are dent resistant and glide along a heavy-duty aluminum rail. The slats are tightly bonded to each other which creates a secure water-resistant barrier. For durability and UV resistant, it comes with a matte black powder coat finish.

The canister gives a low-profile look and is spring-loaded for easy operation. It can also be configured to lock in two places in-between close and open. It supports most 5th wheel hitches makes hauling and towing easier than ever. Furthermore, it’s easy to install and comes with a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.


Price: $1700 to $1800

The RetraxPRO is constructed from aluminum slats with a glossy powder-coat finish. It is durable enough to support up to 500 lbs of weight when evenly distributed. The cover uses a neoprene compression gasket, making it weathertight against snow and rain.

It accommodates most 5th wheel hitches and gives fast truck bed access when needed. Installation is easy which requires no drilling on the truck bed because of its easy clamp-on design. The cover can be key locked in any position along the bed.


Price: $1400 to $1500

This is a rigid vinyl-over-aluminum construction. Moreover, the slats are joined by an interlocking hinge which makes it durable, smooth, quiet and has a compact roll space. The contoured, patented hinge design gives smooth, frictionless rotation.

The cover accommodates most 5th wheel hitches giving you maximum towing flexibility. The company uses a durable torsion spring drive which is reliable than other brands. To keep your cargo safe the cover locks to the tailgate using a patented four-point locking system. All-in-all this is a great product if you are looking for a 5th wheel friendly tonneau cover.


Tonneau cover manufacturers design their product keeping the 5th wheel hitch in mind. Other then fiberglass lids and hard tops, the most tonneau cover can be used along with a 5th wheel hitch. However, a soft roll cover and slide-in cover work best to give you fast truck bed access as well as giving you partial protection with your 5th wheel attached. The aforementioned list of bed covers are some of the best in the market, however, you have to check up if they are compatible with your truck’s make and model.

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