Will snowmobile fit in a truck bed

If you want to travel to places filled with snow with your snowmobiles, then you must be thinking about carrying it safely without causing damage to it.  If you have a truck bed and you want to carry a big snowmobile in it, then make sure it fits perfectly in your truck bed. Then lets find out will snowmobile fit in a truck bed.

After doing a thorough research, we have found out that, an average-sized snowmobile will fit in the bed of most trucks; however, some parts of the snowmobile will hang at the back of the truck as the snowmobile measure slightly longer than the average long truck bed. A full-sized snowmobile will fit in the long bed truck with all the items like flags and straps installed in it.

Remember to consider the weight and dimensions of loads that your truck bed can accommodate, while hauling a long item like your snowmobile. Before hauling the snowmobile do not forget to read the dimensions mentioned on it.

What is the Average Length of a Snowmobile?

You can find out the length of the snowmobile by measuring the distance between its front most point and the final rear point while the snowmobile and tracks are in their riding positions. You can easily measure the length of a snowmobile all by yourself with the help of a tape measure. There are different kinds of snowmobiles available in the market if we consider the length. Let us find out the length of each type.

If you consider a kid-sized snowmobile, then you will find it to be between 70 – 75 inches.

A youth-sized snowmobile will measure 84 – 85 inches.

If you have a full-sized snowmobile, then it will measure between115 – 130 inches lengthwise. However, a few ones have a slightly longer measurement of 150 – 175 inches.

The snowmobiles come in different widths. Some of them are wide and a few of them are narrow. The average width of a snowmobile will be somewhere around 36-50 inches. It is the length of the snowmobile that you have to measure while hauling one in your truck bed. However, the width of the snowmobile decides what other items you can carry in your truck bed along with the snowmobile.

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Will A Snowmobile Fit in A Long Bed Truck?

A long bed truck measures 96 inches lengthwise, however, there are some truck beds that measure a few inches longer than this. Snowmobiles are a bit longer than a long bed truck, if we consider 96 inches as average long truck bed length.

When you haul the snowmobile in your truck, all the full-sized snowmobiles will have a hanging length as they measure slightly longer than the long truck bed. However, you can still transport them safely in that position by using ratchet straps to fasten them to the truck. We recommend you not to carry a snowmobile longer than 130 inches as it will create problem while travelling.

Can A Snowmobile Fit in A Short Truck Bed?

The length of most of the short bed trucks are 77 inches. However, some truck beds can be a few inches longer. So, it is not suitable to carry a full-sized snowmobile in a short truck bed if we consider this measurement. However, you can haul your kid’s snowmobiles in a short truck bed; kid’s snow mobile has a length between 72 to 73 inches. You can also carry youth snowmobiles in a short truck bed as they measure around 85 inches lengthwise.

Remember that you have to fasten the snowmobiles to the truck using cords so that it does not fall down.

What is the Average weight of a Snowmobile?

Every snowmobile varies in weight; they weigh differently when they are dry and wet. The dry weight of a snowmobile is when the machine is without fuel, oils, and other fluids, whereas the wet weight is measured when the snowmobile is filled with fuel, oils and other fluids.

Most snowmobiles weigh between 408 and 600 pounds. However, you will find some extra-light and extra-heavy ones having weights different from the mentioned range. Remember that we have discussed the weight of a snowmobile when it is dry.

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We have done a thorough research to find out that the average snowmobile weight is 490 pounds.

Can I Haul A Heavy Snowmobile in A Truck?

Yes, you can haul a heavy snowmobile in your truck bed; however, problems may arise due to overloading in your truck. Hence, make sure you have checked if your truck can withstand the load capacity you want to haul on it. While carrying a snowmobile, you need to verify the weight capacity of trucks also.

Light-duty trucks can weigh1500 pounds, and they are capable of accommodating a weight of 3000 pounds, where as heavy-duty trucks weight 2500 to 3000 pounds, and they can carry a weight of 6500 pounds.

From this statistics, we can analyse that both the light-duty and heavy-duty trucks can safely haul a heavy snowmobile since the heaviest snowmobile weighs approximately 767 pounds. Remember, a snowmobile is not too heavy for a truck; however, it can be too long to get adjusted in the truck bed.

How Can I Load Snowmobiles In A Truck Without Using A Ramp?

If you use a ramp to haul your snow mobile, then it will do its job easily and safely. Ramps will save your effort and time. It will also help prevent your snowmobiles from falling down. You can also load snowmobiles in a truck without a ramp. However, it will take lot more time and effort to complete the task; even you have to take someone else’s help to haul your snowmobile on the truck bed. Always remember that it requires a minimum of two persons to load a snowmobile in a truck when you do not have a ramp available with you.

It needs effort of two persons to lift the skis carefully and keep it onto the tailgate.

After that, the snowmobile should be moved to the back while keeping it away from sliding backwards.

Then holding the snowmobile firmly at a rigid point, try to lift it off the ground while keeping it in back position.

Push it in the air sp that it slides into the truck easily.

How to Load Snowmobile in A Truck Using A Ramp

You can use ramps to haul your snowmobile on your truck bed as it is very easy to do so. You can haul your snowmobile with the help of a ramp without even taking any other person’s assistance. Remember, ramps come in various sizes. So you need to choose accordingly. You can choose a ramp like this Black Ice 94″ x 54″ Snowmobile Loading Ramp with Stud Protectors. You can purchase this from amazon.com and load almost any snowmobile safely with this product.

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Let us know how to haul snowmobile using a ramp. To start with the procedure, you need to first fix the ramp to your truck. You can fix the ramp using a chain or ratchet strap. The recommended ramp above features stud protectors to ease your job while hauling the snowmobile.

These systems feature two outer ramp panels with extra-wide polyethylene ski guides for low-resistance loading.

They also come with a center ramp panel with exposed rungs that offer excellent traction for the sled’s track.

The ramps are secured with two included cam buckle straps and rest on the tailgate of your truck with six rubber-coated fingers.

The snowmobile ramps are made from high-strength, lightweight aluminium, and compactly fold up for easy storage.

Certain care tips while hauling a snowmobile

You have to take necessary precautions so that you can avoid the possible damage that you may do to your snowmobile or your truck while hauling it on the truck bed. To avoid all forms of damage, you can follow a few steps as precautionary measures:

  • Always check if your truck is in good condition or not. Always make sure to check the brake, the signal lights, the tires, the fuel level, and other necessary things before you start your journey.
  • Do not keep heavy loads in the truck to avoid the issues that arise due to overloading.
  • Always make sure you use only the appropriate ramp to load your snowmobile.
  • Do not forget to secure your snowmobile to the truck with a strong chain or ratchet. This will help secure your snowmobile.
  • Never increase the speed of your truck, especially when your snowmobile is a bit longer than the length of your truck bed.
  • Avoid using the brakes too suddenly or turn the truck suddenly.
  • Always remember to keep a safe distance from all other vehicles on the road.

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