Peragon vs Retrax vs Bakflip: An in depth comparison


Many truck owners struggle to decide on the tonneau cover for their truck. And it’s not a surprise that each truck owner has their own preference to a particular manufacturer. For first-time truck owners, it gets puzzling. They are presented with a myriad of options and can’t decide which one to choose.

However, most truck owners narrow it down to three options: Peragon, Retrax, and Bakflip. Each manufacturer produces high-quality tonneau cover that will stand the test of time, however, each manufacturer has their unique features which will appeal to a specific group of truck owners. So, here we are today to help you decide which one is best for you!

When buying for a truck bed cover, you have to take care of a few things such as its price, weatherproofing, reliability and most importantly easy installation and versatility. Bed covers may range from $100 to $2000 which is excluding the added features, custom colors, and other personalization.

The cover has to be waterproof so that even if you leave your stuff in the bed for a few days, you don’t retrieve it all soaked in water. Then again, it has to be versatile. You should be able to easily take it on and off when needed all by yourself.


Peragon has been making some of the best bed covers for that last 15 years. The metal frames feature industrial grade aluminum, each machine cut for perfection. For strength and durability, all metal parts get a powder coat and then people assemble the cover, not machines. When it comes to Peragon, you know you are getting a high-quality product that you can really on.

Their most popular retractable aluminum truck bed cover comes at just $799 which is much lower than other manufacturers. The low price doesn’t compromise their quality but because of the fact that the bed cover goes directly from the production line to the customers, without going through any distribution channels.

Key Selling Points

The retractable tonneau covers from Peragon can be quickly folded and removed to get full truck bed access. The key-locking mechanism gives deadbolt level security to keep your cargo protected from elements and prying eyes. It quick releases in just 30 seconds without using any tools and because it doesn’t come with a canister, you get every inch of your cargo space.

The guide rails and panels are made from single pieces of aircraft grade aluminum. To keep the structural integrity intact, the rails are extruded from metal blocks which are then machined to fit your truck bed. Furthermore, the panels are CNC punched to ensure a perfect fit to your truck bed. All truck bed covers are baked in a satin black powder coat at 400 degrees. With a Peragon truck bed cover, there is no trace of vinyl, plastic or foam.

The Peragon tonneau cover doesn’t interfere with the truck’s stake pockets so that you can install a variety of accessories, however, if the cover needs some customization, the customer service team will help you modify the truck cover. It is compatible with most aftermarket products such as rail caps, ladder racks, fifth wheel hitches etc.

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The truck bed cover works with most fifth wheel hitches in the market. Moreover, it works with a variety of bed liners such as spray-on, drop-in and bed rug. However, for some plastic drop-in bed liners, the cover would need minor modification which the customer service team will help you with.

The Peragon locking system provides a secure deadbolt lock with parts made from solid aluminum. However, for added security, the customer may choose a dual deadbolt option as well.

The tonneau covers provide a low provide appearance. It blends with the lines of your truck giving it clean factory-installed looks. Moreover, it is the only company to offer retractable truck bed cover that you can custom paint to match your truck.

When it comes to customer support, Peragon is prompt and friendly. If you need assistance, a customer service staff will talk you through right from Wisconsin.


Retrax has been providing innovative and quality products since 1996. Today, it is a popular name in the retractable tonneau cover market. All Retrax covers are made in North Dakota in a 24,000 square foot facility. The company produces truck bed covers in two broad ranges: polycarbonate and aluminum. The cover is made from a strong material called LEXAN® which is also UV treated for sun protection. Its sealed ball bearings enable the cover to retract without springs. The anti-bind ball-bearings keep it from stalling.

Key Selling Points

The durable thermoplastic known as LEXAN® provides added durability and the UV coat provides sun protection. The cover is reinforced with tempered aluminum beams. It can hold up to 200 lbs and can easily support heavy snow.

It has one of the best retraction systems in the industry. The sealed ball-bearing which is mounted on each end of the support beams facilitates easy operation without the need of springs. Moreover, the anti-bind ball-bearings which are mounted horizontally prevents the cover from binding.

It features a unique spiral track system which reduced wear-and-tear to the cover. It has no moving parts that could jam or freeze while using.

RETRAX tonneau covers can be latched or key locked in any position. Tailgate works independently of the cover

The cover features flush-mounted lock handle which is placed near the cab to give easy access to the cargo when opening or closing the cover.

It seals up tailgate gap as it overlaps the tailgate and comes with an automotive grade weatherstrip.

Its patented low-profile design uses a front cover which is flush with the rolling cover. This streamline design with the added weather strips prevents your truck bed from water, snow, ice, dust, and debris.

All RETRAX tonneau covers are maintenance free. It just needs a simple wash without needing any vinyl protectant treatment.

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The truck bed installation is pretty easy. The bed cover holds its place using four clamps. Simply line up the bedrails and tighten the clamps. The truck bed covers come pre-installed along with installation guide. The waterproof lock enables you to secure the cover at any point between the cab and the tailgate. It can come in handy when you are carrying oversized cargo or using a fifth-wheel. When fully shut, it locks with the tailgate to provide a weather tight and secure space to your cargo.


Bakflip is a popular and reliable name in the tonneau cover market. The fitted panel makes for an easy installation without drilling. It gives full protection to your truck bed and you can custom fit to the make and model of your truck. The industrial grade aluminum panels include a tailgate lock to prevent theft and weather hazards.

Key Selling Points

Bakflip tonneau cover will give you peace of mind. It looks great as well as fits easily. The panel features no-drill installation; simply clamp-on and you are good to go. You can set it up within 10 minutes without using any tools.

If you live in a place prone to weather hazards, the Bakflip tonneau covers are the best bet for you. Each cover will last the lifetime of the truck and can sustain a significant amount of pressure when distributed evenly. The cover will hold on to heavy weight on top. It will prevent water, snow, dust or debris from getting into the truck bed. The panel will last the lifetime of your truck. Its industrial grade aluminum can sustain high pressure and still maintain its shape.

You don’t just want a durable cover, you also want it to look good! And Bakflip doesn’t disappoint in that. Each tonneau cover fits snugly and looks gorgeous giving it a factory finish. You can’t ignore the quality and the sheen of each Bakflip tonneau cover.

One of the biggest advantages is that it is lightweight, weighing just around 40 lbs, which gives a tough competition in the market. The covers are robust and tough, yet lightweight to make way for easy operation. They have designed the covers to be sturdy rather than being heavy. Although being lightweight, it does hold its shape under pressure. So, when it comes to usability, user-friendliness, and operation, Bakflip covers are hard to beat.

When it comes to ease-of-use, Bakflip really gets it right. The clampdown installation makes sure you can put on and off the cover anytime you want. The belt setup makes it easier to move around. If you need full bed access, you can do that in minutes all by yourself without any help.

Bakflip is one of the best selling brands in the market not just because of its products but also for its first-class customer service. They are remarkable when it comes to troubleshooting customer’s problems. You will always find a friendly and knowledgeable staff on the other side of the line. When you purchase a Bakflip tonneau cover to also avail their renowned customer service.

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Most importantly a truck bed cover should fit snugly to your truck bed. You don’t want a cover that slips, slides, and flaps on the road. The damage will be more than you can pay. So, you need a cover that can be customized to your truck bed and this is where Bakflip shines. You can customize all Bakflip cover to the make and model of the truck. The cover will fit seamlessly to your truck bed leaving no gaps for the elements to get in. You can also customize the cover if you have additional accessories in place.

The surface is in general easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about its color; it will not fade. Use your usual cleaning kit to spray off any dirt or rub off stains if necessary. Clean your Bakflip tonneau cover just like you would clean your truck hood.

The cover also offers a full range of motion. This is not the cover that will cause you any problem which opening or closing it to the bed. The cover works as you would expect.


All three manufacturers provide great products and are big players in the market. However, If you have to choose any one of the brands you will have to consider a few things. For example, Peragon provides only one model of the hard top tonneau cover which you can custom fit to your truck bed.

It is easy to use, gives maximum bed space and is comparatively cost-effective considering the quality. It is retractable but it also kinda folds in. On the other had with RETRAX you will get multiple options to choose from based on your hauling needs.

You can choose a cover based on its material, functions, and features. RETRAX is a reliable brand when it comes to retractable tonneau covers, and you will find in various models but are expensive than Peragon. If you want more options, Bakflip is the right brand for you.

You will find multiple models of products for each type of tonneau cover such as hard folding, rolling, retractable and even rack integrated.

With Bakflip you will get a great product as well as world-class customers services. Its prices is more or less the same with RETRAX and definitely expensive than Peragon. Now with the facts laid out, it’s up to you to choose the best truck bed cover for your pickup truck.

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