Are truck bed liners worth it

Are truck bed liners worth the purchase? Well, we will say, yes they are. Most truck owners are often skeptical about this question. Sometimes they are unwilling to spend too much on the truck liners as they wonder if it would be a good investment or not. So, let us discuss various aspects of truck bed liners to find out if they are worth purchasing or not and find out are truck bed liners worth it.

Why should you buy a bed liner?

Trucks are really useful during hauling things, which can make your truck bed dented, scratched, or dinged in the process. Bed liners help create a layer of protection between the items you are hauling and your truck bed’s surface, thereby making both the cargo and your truck bed safe.

Truck liners can give your truck bed a great look instead of just protecting them from damage. It can make your truck look noticed by giving it a neat and tidy appearance.

Moreover, you can increase the resale value of your old truck by applying liners to it. People will pay more for trucks having intact beds. Hence it is always worth buying a truck bed liner for your truck.

Types of Truck Bed Liners

Spray-on liner

Spray-on liners can be sprayed directly onto the bed and then allowed to dry. It also provides an airtight fit that gives protection against corrosion and other type of damage.

You can customise spray-on liners to fit your specific truck bed. So, you do not need to face the hassles of taking measurements or choosing the right size of bed liners. However, they are really pricier than other types of bed liners.

Drop-in liners

Drop-in liners are manufactured in a factory and then installed on your truck bed. A drop-in liner needs to be bolted into right position. However, there are chances that it leaves gaps that might allow water or dirt to enter inside your truck bed.

These liners do not provide the tight seal or custom fit that spray-on liners provide. A drop-in liner has the risk of getting shifted over time, which makes it compulsory to get it refitted.

However, you can purchase these liners at an affordable price. This type of truck bed line is less expensive than a spray-on liner and also very easy to install at a dealer’s shop.

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Other types of liners

You can use pieces of carpet or rubber as a makeshift bed liner, which will provide you with a custom fit. There are also some liners available in the market that you may find in these two materials. Some truck owners choose to make their own liners using 2×4” plywood.

These liners are very inexpensive options. However, these DIY materials are not as durable as the spray-on liners as they need quick replacements. In addition, they are limited to cover only the bottom of your truck bed, leaving the sides and railing fully exposed and prone to damage. Also you need to make sure the carpet is properly dried before hauling before hauling anything.

Are Bed liners worth the purchase?

Yes, they are worth the purchase. If you own a truck, then you must understand that your truck may undergo damage and dents if you haul different cargo items in your truck. So, in this case, a truck bed liner comes to the rescue; it not only protects your truck but also makes your truck look great. The truck bed liner provides the maximum protection to your truck bed.So, by this you have the answer are truck bed liners worth it.

What will happen if you do not use a bed liner?

To understand the impact that bed liners, you need to understand what happens without them. For example, a dump truck is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear that happens from transporting abrasive and heated materials. However, the resistance does not last forever.

Over the years, your dump truck may lose the potency of transporting the loads it carries, may it be in the form of a scratch or a full dent. Ultimately, this affect the functionality of your vehicle in the future and also increases the amount of money you have to spend on your truck’s maintenance.

What are the benefits of truck bed liners?

Trucks equipped with bed liners have proved to have much slower deterioration rates, because they provide extra sheets of material that acts as barriers and prevents direct contact with the heavy cargo items. The surface of the bed liners helps objects to slide out easily all at once, thereby reducing the frequency of maintenance of your truck.

We have discussed different types of truck bed liners earlier in this article. However, the spray-on bed liner is the most useful and the most expensive among all. But spray-on liners are worth the initial cost as they are really very durable. If you take proper care, then you can enjoy the service for several years.

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However, a spray-on bed liner is a top choice of most truck owners despite its cost. So, let us discuss the reasons why you should choose a spray-on liner for your truck bed.

Benefits of Spray-on liners

Spray-on liners are durable. It can last for a longer period of time compared to other truck bed liners. They can help keep the truck bed waterproof and protects the vehicle from rain and snow. It features a rubber-like coating that adheres to the metal, thereby keeping the truck bed free from scratch, rust, corrosion, and dents.

It helps reduce noise. A spray-on bed liner is really lightweight and can fix to the truck bed and sides securely; hence it will not produce any noise like the drop-in bed liners. It does not take any screws and bolts while installation. It is also not affected by wind and vibration that can affect materials that are temporarily attached to the truck.

Spray-on liners are very much suitable for heavy-duty jobs. If you want to carry rugged materials, such as gravel, sand, rock, logs, and other items having an abrasive surface, you can use spray-on liners and see the difference. The material is specifically meant for heavy-duty work, which helps prevent wear and tear from occurring.

These liners make your truck bed free from corrosion and rust, because the spray-on bed liner covers every exposed area of the truck bed that needs protection. They work as a strong sealant and effectively prevent water from entering inside and getting stuck under the surface. It helps stop corrosion and rust without allowing any moisture and condensation under the liner..

It adheres strongly to your truck bed. When the surface of your truck bed is properly prepared, the spray-on bed liner will strongly adhere to the metal surface and provide your truck bed maximum protection for several years.

Low maintenance cost. With its airtight sealing capability, a spray-on bed liner requires very little maintenance. You can wash it with water and soap, sweep it, vacuum it, or wipe the surface with a clean rag.

Spray-on liners can protect your vehicle from work abuse. You can use the spray-on liner to protect bumpers, fenders, trim, nerf bars, and floorboards. Moreover, you can also apply the entire vehicle with this liner. It is also suitable for boats, agriculture equipment, heavy construction equipment, commercial transport, and emergency vehicles.

You can also use spray-on liner on your truck bed in various environments. You can apply it to the exterior area of vehicles for decoration purpose since many colors are available as far as spray-on liners are concerned.

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It provides UV protection to your truck bed. If you are living in a area where you experience high-temperature, you can use spray-on bed liners to protect your truck bed from UV rays. The product is capable of giving your vehicle around 80% of protection from UV rays that can possibly make your truck look old, run-down, or worn out.

You can retain your vehicle’s value by using spray-on liners. You can extend your truck’s condition and shelf-life of the exterior parts with the usage of a spray-on bed liner due to its protective benefits that the product provides.

With application of spray-on liners, you will get a non-slippery surface. Spray-on bed liner can maximise the service period of different parts of your truck because it is capable of preventing chemical contamination, rusting, and scratching. It also provides an anti-slip or anti-skid surface, which protects your belongings like large furniture and equipment while hauling on the truck bed. A non-slip surface also is responsible for reducing the chances of damaging the goods on your truck, even if you are travelling on rough roads or making sharp turns.

Spray-o liner perfectly fits your truck bed. You can also customize the liner so that it fits to your truck bed properly. However, you do not need to spend extra bucks for this. As the product is sprayed directly on the truck bed and sides, there will be no area/space left uncovered on your truck bed.

A spray-on bed liner can be repaired easily if it is damaged due to some reason. Hence, you do not have to spend too much as you can do spot-repair.

Final Words

We have discussed the benefits of different types of truck bed liners in this article. The most useful and durable one is your spray-on liner. Hence, it is really worth purchasing as it helps protect your truck bed while giving it a great look.

There are a lot of options available in the market as far as the truck bed liners are concerned. We recommend Rhino Lining as the top choice for spray-on bed liners.

The brand claims to provide more durability and is worth their higher price tag. Hence, you can think about investing in these liners as it is a one-time investment because of the quality the brand provides.last but not the least, by now it is clear that are truck bed liners worth it.

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