Will RZR fit in your truck bed?

Will RZR fit in your truck bed? Well, the answer has to be yes. But before hauling RZR in your specific truck bed, you need to take the dimensions of both RZR and truck bed so that you do not harm both of these machines while hauling. Specific truck models can fit specific RZRs. In this article, we have discussed about a few popular truck models and what size of RZR can fit them. You can go through the article to have a brief idea about ideal truck bed size that you need to haul your RZRs.

Everybody loves a ride in the good old RZR. There are several truck models like the 2006 Silverado that can carry a RZR, however, not all trucks can. Before hauling, it is necessary to assess the sizes of both the truck and the RZR. If the RZR does not fit safely, you can use a trailer.

Now, let us discuss about a few popular RZR models.

Popular RZR Models

You can haul several RZRs into a truck bed, depending on the size of RZR and length of the truck bed. Moreover, you can fit different models of RZRs in different trucks. So, let us discuss a few of the best models of RZR.

For Trucks having Short Beds

If you load correctly, the following models can fit in a short bed truck:

  • The Polaris RZR 570
  • Polaris RZR 800
  • Polaris Ranger 500
  • Polaris Ranger 570 Mid-Size
  • Kawasaki Mule SX

However, we do not recommend hauling a RZR in a truck having a short bed as it has limited options. Most short bed trucks only have about 67-70 inches to haul anything. However, if you count the tailgate which could potentially bump it up to about 92 inches of space, then you have a little more space to work with.

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If you have a Chevrolet Silverado 1500 having a short bed, then you have 70 inches of space whereas the Dodge Ram 1500 short beds only feature about 67 inches to work with. The above mentioned RZRs can fit in these truck models; however, it will still be a bit of a tight space for a machine like RZR.

In this case, you most likely have to use the tailgate of the truck to accommodate the side-by-side. You can purchase an additional tailgate support also. The most important thing to remember is to consider the RZR’s weight to bust your truck bed.

For Trucks having Standard Beds

For standard truck beds, available popular options are:

  • The Polaris Ranger 570 Full-Size
  • Polaris Ranger 800
  • Polaris Ranger XP 900
  • Polaris RZR 900
  • Polaris RZR S 1000
  • Yamaha Wolverine X2
  • Yamaha Wolverine X4

The standard truck bed size measures at about 79 inches or 101 inches with an additional 22 from the tailgate. The Yamaha Wolverine X2 and X4 both measure up to 61 inches which will definitely make it a little bit of a tight squeeze.

However, you can fit anything from the short bed list in a standard size truck bed as well. The Dodge Ram 1500 standard comes in at 76 inches, which is a few inches shorter.

For Trucks having Long Beds

You are able to fit all vehicles from the short bed and standard bed lists into a long truck bed. However, there are also other models that you can easily fit into long truck beds. These are:

  • Can-Am Maverick Trail
  • Can-Am Maverick Sport
  • Polaris Ranger Crew 570-4
  • Polaris Ranger Crew 570-6
  • Kawasaki Teryx
  • Kawasaki Teryx 4

The standard dimension of long beds is 98 inches with an additional 22 from the tailgate. Hence you get 120 inches of usable space, which will match both the Chevy Silverado 1500 and Ford F-150 trucks.

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The Dodge Ram truck model is just slightly smaller than the above two models, which measures 96 inches. Let us discuss a few popular heavy duty truck models that you may want to invest in as far as hauling heavy machines are concerned. Which model you want to invest depends on how much weight you want to haul and how rough you are intending to drive.

Popular Truck Models That You Need To Consider

Generally, any good truck is able to haul the right size of UTV. Here, we have discussed about a few popular models that you may consider while hauling your RZRs. We have given a rough idea about what size of RZR you can haul in a specific model of truck bed.

The Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra

Both these trucks are similar enough that they can be grouped into one category. Both of the models come in three different sizes; short, standard, and long bed. They can fit any UTV that measure up to 60 inches in width. However, you need to account for the wheel wells as well. The long beds can fit almost any model of UTV, the exception being the extra-long ones as they need a little extra space.

The Chevy S10/GMC Sonoma 

Both of these models come with long beds. However, they are only mid-sized as far as dimension of long bed is concerned. Both these models can fit anything having 48 inches of width.

They can sometimes fit sports models and even youth UTVs unless they are too long for the truck bed. You also need to accommodate bulky wheel wells and provide extra protection for your rear window as well.

The Chevy Colorado

You can carry a youth-sized UTV with a standard size colorado, but a Crew Cab model may not fit in this model. You are not going to get a lot of options with this truck model. However, this truck model is really very sturdy.

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The Dodge Ram

This truck model is available in both a long and short bed sizes. The long bed can easily accommodate any UTV that measures up to 62 inches unless it is extra long. The short bed can only accommodate a youth-sized UTV.

Ford Light Duty (F-150, etc.)

Ford comes in two varieties; one is light duty and the other is heavy duty models. They offer extra small beds like the Lincoln Mark LT and Super Crew that will not fit any RZRs without taking the help of special equipments.

However, the Heritage Edition and short-bed models can accommodate youth-sized RZRs. Usually, the regular and extended cab models will fit most vehicles that measure 62 inches in width.

Ford Super Duty (F250, F350, etc.) 

These trucks are pretty much similar to the Ford Light Duty models, the only difference is that they are a little larger than the light duty ones in terms of length and width; two inches in length and even four inches in width. This type of truck will allow you to fit just about any two-seat RZR in the truck bed, which is not bad for only a few inches more of space.

The Nissan Titan

There are 4 different sizes of truck beds available for this type of truck model. However, the smallest truck bed will not haul anything on its own. The 6.5-foot truck bed will fit youth-sized RZRs while the 7 and 8-foot ones will fit most 48-inch wide RZRs.

Final Words

We have discussed a few popular RZR models and truck models along with the general dimensions. You need to measure your truck bed first before hauling a heavy machine like RZR so that you don’t face any hassles and don’t cause any damage to your valuables.So, by now it would have been clear that will RZR fit in your truck bed.

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