Truck Bed Tent Camping: Buying Tips and Installation Guide

If you are finding a solution for hassle-free camping, but don’t want to stake a tent to the ground, the truck bed tent could be the perfect solution for you. Camping is a classic fun activity, it needs some planning and common things to make camping more fun and less stressful. Plenty of ways are there to make it easier and more joyful. One of those is a truck bed tent. Or you can say the best four-wheeled mobile-campsite with plenty of useful features and all weather protection.

It is more comfortable than the usual tent in the mud. Does the first question arise that why to choose a truck bed tent? It is Less expensive and more secure and convenient. We recommend this to all camping lovers. No hassle and no fear of insects. Even rain and windy air cannot create any hassle for you. It is strong and has a water-resistant fabric with taped sealed seams. To help you make the most, towards building out your truck bed into a suitable living tent, we have put together all the information about the truck bed tent. Follow this blog to make your next truck bed camping expedition easier.

Buying tip:

Every truck owner has their own set of shopping ideas, perhaps having little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Randomly buying or buying with anyone suggestion, may that truck bed tent land you in some problems, like hooks and straps may not fit, there is no point of investing if you are not getting benefits from it. Here below are some tips which will help you to get the right one for your truck.

01. Determine the right size:

A wide range of truck bed tent is available, irrespective of different sizes, styles, and variants, but how to know which one will fit into your truck. To find that before buying measure your truck bed. Measure the inside of your truck bed with the tailgate up. Use our Truck Tent Sizing Guide to find your truck’s year, make and model to confirm your choice.

02. Climate Consideration:

Climate consideration is a must before camping. Check the weather forecast, heading somewhere with rainy or windy climate can not cause hassle if you are inside a truck bed tent. If you camping in sites which have more rain chances, pick a truck bed tent that offers a rain fly, or a more rain resistant and durable material and seams stitched firmly and waterproof. And if you are somewhere where the sun is so harsh for instance, then choose a certain truck tent which has windows and good ventilation. Also little awning above the tailgate, to sit on the tailgate. A breathable fabric that avoids condensation and humidity for all climates is a must.

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03. Mattress for your truck bed:

When we come to camping comfort, you must not want to sleep on a bare metal bed of the pickup. It literally may cause pain in the back. Some trucks have rugged floor liners, which provides 4 inches of cushioning, which is a major plus point while other trucks are the bare metal floor. To have comfortable sleep, you should add also a sleeping bag or air mattress or foam mattress of your choice. Some truck bed tents come with floor liners, this extra gear is an additional safety, as making a layer between the truck bed metal floor and your sleeping mattress.

04. Know how much effort need to Install:

Huge variety and variants are available, choosing the best might hassle you. Try to find a truck tent, which is light in weight and easy to install. For which if you are camping alone or if while traveling long distances, and want to take a rest in the tent, in that situation, you alone can install a tent easily. Some heavy duty tent is complicated to put up by one person. Choosing a tent with complex installation requires two people to get it done if traveling solo then you can’t get it done alone. So choose lightweight, simple and easy to install the tent.

05. Access to the Cab:

Camping outside away from home, you need electric items to charge, all can you charge from your cab, so you need access to the cab from the tent. Get a truck tent that has a flap opening that opens in the section that’s closest to the truck’s cabin. So that you can charge all your electronics and keep them interlinked from the cab to the tent.

06. Small Detailing :

Many truck bed tent comes with this concept, glowing zipper helps you to find zip in the dark nights. This cool detail you can find in some tents only. This kind of small detail makes a huge difference. As a matter of fact, Small hooks for a lantern, small pockets to hold items, removable awnings, a Skyview window in the top of the tent these all small functional items returns into most valuable things. Consider all this before buying a tent for your truck bed.

Installation process:

You can install the tent, in the bed of your truck very easily. The truck bed tent manufacturers provide color-coded poles and pole pockets for easy installation and quick set up. Furthermore, it could take hardly take 10 minutes to get properly installed. Below are the steps to install a tent in your truck bed- here it the installation process of a tent by right line gear.

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Step 01:

Before Starting the installation, unpack the tent kit and check all the parts. It is lightweight and one person can easily install this in the truck bed. The truck bed tent kit contains:

  • A tent bag
  • Tent tie straps
  • tent
  • Rain fly
  • poly bag
  • Stake bag
  • Stakes
  • Guide ropes
  • Gear Loft
  • Instructions & Warranty Car
  • Tent poles, etc

Step 02:

First of all, choose your campsite area and park your vehicle their, by applying the parking brake. Start installing by lowering the tailgate. Remove the tent from the tent bag. And lay it flat in the bed your truck with the mesh window side facing up. After that slip the tent over the tailgate and run the tailgate strap underneath.

Step 03:

Adjust by pulling the tent so that it covers the entire truck bed. Here you can find the front corners of the tent have split seams that go over the front corners of the bed. Note here don’t pull the straps with your full force, while tightening be gentle.

Step 04:

Attach the C straps loosely to the bottom outside the lip of the truck bed. There are color straps provide already in the kit, that is a help to install it fast without confusing between the straps. Tilt the tailgate up and thread the orange straps through the tailgate gap.

Step 05:

After that release the tailgate down, and pull up on the orange straps to make sure each clip’s swivel base stops against the underside of the tailgate. If in case the clips pull up through the tailgate gap, in the same way, take back that and rethread the orange straps through the gap and tightly fasten the clip to a point below the truck’s bumper.

Step 06:

In the final analysis, check whether the inner flap seams run along the top outer edges of the bed rails, if not then tighten the orange straps to fix it.

Step 07:

You will find the naming convention, make it easier. There are straps naming as A, B, and C. Similarly, attach the A and B straps to the bottom outside the lip of the truck bed and tighten all the three straps. Finally, check whether the inner flap seams remain fixed along the outer edges of the bed rails or not.  If not then the tent will not fit the truck properly. Do not over tighten the straps.

Step 08:

After that tighten the tailgate strap. In like manner place the tailgate side flaps behind the bumper. After all, take the D strap run over the A strap and attach them to the bottom outside lip of the truck bed. 

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Step 09:

Poles of the truck bed tent are also synchronizing with the color combination, in like manner take the poles and run all poles through their matching color pole. The Orange marked poles are the front poles with orange tape and the rear pole is marked with gray tape. The gray marked pole will run under the orange marked poles.

Step 10:

Furthermore, raise each of the gray marked poles by inserting their ends into their matching color pole pockets, and in the same like wise raised the orange one by the same method.

Step 11:

There are pole clips in the tent, come within the kit. attach the pole clips to the gray marked pole. Similarly, do this with other color coding poles.

Step 12:

Finally, adjust the straps, the inner flaps on the top of the bed rails, under the orange straps, and pull out the slack. The three buckles on each side of the tent will connect to the inner flap two.

Step 13:

At last check all the straps a final time, and your installation process is complete. 

Rainfly Setup:

In conclusion, it is optional, depending upon the weather if there is a chance of rain then set up the rainfly. To set up position the rainfly over the tent, connect the buckles on each side of the tent and adjust the straps. And tie the strings at the rear edge of the rainfly to the tent poles, lining up the seams of the rainfly with the tent poles underneath.

Taking Down the Tent:

Taking down the tent is much easier, take out the pole clips and take the poles out of the pole pockets, start removing the poles from the pole sleeves, while taking down place the things in their respective bags, so it will be easy for you to take that for another camping. Unclip the A, B and C straps and loosen the tailgate strap. Tilt the tailgate up and release the orange straps. Take the tent out of the truck bed and roll the tent as it was before installation. Place the rolled tent in his respective bag. The takedown process is complete.

Related Questions:

What is the material of the rainfly?

The rainfly is made from cotton canvas with heavy polyvinyl chloride coating on it. This coating made it waterproof as well as strong.

will a full-size mattress fit in a truck bed?

Yes, of course. Full size would be fit in flat, and if you ought for a queen sized then it will little bed angled, hence mattress is a must to rest in the truck bed, or else laying in a metal bed (body of the truck bed) can be painful.

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