How to Live Full-Time in Pickup Truck Bed Camper? A Complete Guide

Living a Live Full Time in a Pickup Truck Bed Camper on the road is an unbelievable thing living. It generally means living in a big motor four-wheeled house. Although in a small truck camper, this can be way more realizable. Many of our friends living live full time in a truck bed camper. Truck campers area unit wondrous to travel in. If you recognize a way to build the most effective use of the restricted quantity of living space they supply. After talking to them we are writing this blog.

Living in a truck camper is ideal for those who wish to explore remote locations. However, don’t wish to sleep on the bottom underneath a tent. And have a good place to cook meals and comfy places to use convenience. Although it’s unbelievably fun, truck camper full-time living isn’t essentially an endless vacation. There are chores that require to be done to keep up your truck and camper clean. In this blog, we’ll guide you to live fulltime in the truck bed camper. Valuable tips to assist maintain it whereas you’re living in it. The simplest truck bed camper storage choices and a lot of valuable tips mentioned below.

Tips to live full time in Truck Bed Camper

01. Examine Roof and Truck Camper Seals :

Once you involve maintaining your truck bed camper. You need to be proactive in checking for potential problems. This can be very true once it involves the roof and every one the seals around your truck camper. A common downside with RV’s and truck campers is wet unseaworthy into the camper. Through faulty weatherstrip and seals. Check that to ascertain the seals around your windows, door, and roof every 3 months. If you see any cracks, loose items or water stains then that might mean you’re having a sealing material downside. 

02. Check Batteries:

Various types of batteries available in the market nowadays. Batteries normally last for 3 to 5 years, however, it needs to be inspected frequently. The final thing you would prefer could be a dead battery. It does not completely ruin your plans. However, also can result in valuable repairs if the battery leaks. When 3 years deep-cycle batteries tend to start out losing their power. Therefore, it’s best to keep an eye on them.

The best way to assist forestall injury from batteries is by having correct and safe storage. If you’re towing a little trailer behind your truck and truck camper, then install the tongue of the trailer, or our single PowerArmor need to install on your truck camper bumper. counting on that size you get, this battery box will hold one to 5 batteries. It comes with an acid-neutralizing battery mat to avoid corrosion and keep them safe from the weather within the battery box. The most effective half regarding the PowerArmor is that It’s designed for straightforward access to the batteries and prevents potential valuable battery larceny. Another good way to safeguard your batteries whereas you are regular RVing is that the r beneath vehicle battery mount. 

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The HiddenPower permits you to own further battery power in your RV, considerably extending the time you’ll be able to run on your 12-volt systems by adding an additional battery that’s tied into your truck’s electrical charging system, that keeps the battery charged and perpetually prepared for RVing with very little to no maintenance. 

03. Water System Checks:

Water is the most significant resource once you’re living fulltime inside a truck bed camper, therefore ensuring the water which you use is clean and won’t clog your systems is a prime priority. Maintenance needs to be embrace chemicals that are designed to figure with water of your systems. You need to flush the systems on a daily basis additionally vital to stop many types of clogs that might cause the failure of the operation and major repairs. 

04. Store a truck camper off the truck:

 The best way to store a truck camper off truck Truck camper living may be liberating expertise. |you’ll be able to travel anyplace your truck can go and live life on the open road. however, there are some downsides, particularly once you need to be ready to use your flooring for long journeys or things that might need off-loading the camper. If you’re afraid that your truck camper may be taken whereas you’re gone, the proper truck camper storage plan is that the FastGun Wobble Stopper that helps forestall your truck camper from unsteady whereas it’s off-track and forestall potential thievery of your camper. 

05. Maintenance:

Try to run your generator. Letting your generator sit idle for too long might cause replacement years before you ought to have to be compelled to. so as to stay your generators internal equipment running at optimum levels, it has to run a minimum of once a month for 15-20 minutes once it’s reached its traditional running temperature. Not maintaining this might cause components in your generator elements to corrode and rust, so preventing it from effectively powering the generator.

If you don’t feel snug running your generator due to location, there area unit several storage choices obtainable as well as you’ll be able to lock, store and run your generator from the receptacle while not having to bring it within or choke on residual gas or waste material. With the help of most security straps and an important duty puck lock, you furthermore may don’t have to be compelled to worry regarding thieves stealing your generator.

02.The accessibility that a truck camper needs

1. Position of bed:

Every truck bed camper needed the bed in a continual position. Most people rent trucks to live in. basically North American prefers it the most. Most bed camper prefers to have either the table up or bed created in it. 

2.Interior Decorum:

All truck bed campers needed a snug interior lebensraum. We really thought of realizing that it alright to own a pop-top as a result of therein house. The interior is the most important while living full time in a truck bed camper. You need to cater the space into different sizes for different purposes.

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3.Elegant Room space:

Truck bed camper always needs an elegant room space with ample counter house. You can include cooking space inside the truck bed camper as well. The Size might differ from trucks to trucks. It includes your sleeping space which should be comfortable in all aspects. Again Truck bed that you are choosing should base on the truck weight and size. It matters a lot. Some people like to spend their time in truck beds during weekends.There are different models to choose truck beds such as Toyota, Nissan, and Titan.

Unless you’re fascinated by a really light-weight camper you wish to rule out the half-ton Nissan Titan and Toyota campaign. If one in every one of these trucks is your truck of selection, it’s no drawback in any respect, we’ve been extraordinarily proud of our campaign, however, confine mind that will limit the campers at your disposal. The 3/4 ton or one-ton trucks area unit a lot of the norm among truck camper house owners for the straightforward indisputable fact that the next payload is sensible on most levels.

4. One drawback:

The drawback is heavier trucks equals a larger truck. For those designing solely traveling North America, and even the most roads, in Mexico this could not be a problem, however, even in our champaign we regularly had challenges navigating tiny cities. In the end, there area unit execs and cons to each decision. From our expertise, the bulk of trucks with campers on the rear area unit the Ford F250’s. The supply quality and have the additional benefit of being fashionable enough in a geographic region that finding a mechanic aware of the in and outs are comparatively straightforward.

5.Truck campers with restricted living area:

The truck had terribly restricted living areas, thus it pays to use best by segregating them. Use laundry baskets for storage. You can keep covering of every human, for jackets and sweatshirts and one for shoes. Also, you can additionally use them to store large things like hair dryers and tools. A great issue concerning them, too, is that they stack. So, you’ll be able to carry some empties with you for the aim of doing laundry while not wasting additional area. Even a bed can hold six or seven of those baskets, and this may unlock area in different storage areas in order that you’re not tripping over your possessions! Add a top side lading Box Adding a lading box that may be carried on the roof of your camper is otherwise to maximize area.

6.Use Travel baggage:

Keeping your personal things in a very little kit provides a lot of space in your camper. It is sometimes little or no space within the restroom for things like shampoo, skin cream and medications, thus swing them into a travel bag makes accessing them a lot of convenient and keeps the lavatory from changing into crowded. our friend has forever traveled with them, even if several of our coaches are larger as a result of the will either use them in his own restroom or carry them into camping area facilities.

He has one for travel use as a result of they’re thus convenient. Victorinox Zip-Around toiletry kit, Black Logo This Victorinox toiletry kit is very nice. As a result of its separate sections, unfolds and may be decorated up for straightforward access. 

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7. Use paper and plastic:

Holds a decent range of products and nevertheless takes up the very little area once hold on. You can buy and Use Paper and Plastic Dishes, tableware and glasses to have clean sight, you would like dishrags, a wash basin, and towels. If you precede them and solely use paper and plastic, you won’t like the extras as a result of you would like to have to be compelled to wash dishes. you’ll have less to store as a result of paper and plastic are light-weight, stackable, unbreakable and store simply. It may price a couple of further dollars, however, you’ll soon notice that obtaining eliminate dishes, glasses, and tableware throughout your tenting journeys could be a nice plan.

8.Food Stock

Eat Out or Eat Frozen If you would like to save lots of areas, minimize cookery. There is no shame in eating. Just get into restaurants or keeping a provider of frozen dinners to be had. A lot of campers do this. The good news is that after you attempt to dine this fashion. You don’t have to be compelled to carry loads of area mistreatment ingredients with you. Many people act by merely uptake cereal, toast and low within the morning. Sandwiches for lunch and frozen dinners within the evenings. There’s no muss, no fuss, solely a tiny low quantity of cleanup and therefore the food is often smart.

9. Carry Dehydrated Foods :

Carrying dehydrated foods like powdered milk and soups save area. Whereas still permitting you to eat a number of the items you fancy. No longer does one ought to keep massive jugs of milk within the refrigerator as a result of dry milk. You’ll produce the maximum amount you would like just by adding water. You should pack things which Do Double Duty Because the area in a very camper is proscribed. It’s a decent plan to pack things that have quite one use. For example, you can use towels rather than rugs to dry your feet once showers. Hair dryers to quickly dry damp bathing suits or pots rather than combination bowls. If you employ your imagination, you’ll notice that there are several areas wasting things, eliminate by the mistreatment.

10. Save area and Eliminate issues :

Owning a truck-camper combination is doubtless the foremost versatile approach of RVing. As a result of it permits you to travel places wherever a lot of difficult vehicles cannot. If you’ll use the ideas during this article to form the simplest use of the area in your own camper. You’ll notice you may ready to fancy it for several years to come back.

Related Questions:

Does living full time in a truck bed is a good option?

Yes, absolutely so many truck owners love to live or spend time inside the truck bed camper. Privacy and security all you want to live inside a truck bed.  

How many people can live inside a single truck?

Two people can easily live inside a truck bed camper. It provides sleeping space for two. If extension installed then three to four people can live inside.

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