How to Install Truck Bed Tool Box?

Having a toolbox is a must. A truck toolbox serves in a number of ways, first and foremost it provides all truck owners safety precaution, as the storage space provided in it allows space to keep first aid box. So it is important to install it in your truck bed. Many trucks do not come with a unique storage area, getting a truck tool box ensures that your tools are safe and secure and prevent stealing or misplacement.

How to install it is a big question!! In this blog, Not only, I will provide all the detailed information of installing a truck tool box but also tips as I had already installed in my truck. It will be easy to install it efficiently.

Installation Process of the toolbox: After buying a toolbox of your choice its now time to install it. Furthermore, to install it get some quality materials, and finalize the place in your truck bed where you want to install it. Most truck tool boxes are designed in an inaccurate way that is anchored on the bed to offer the truck owner a lockable and secure installation.  

Tools Required:

Some tools you may need before you start doing the installation.

  1. Screwdriver/spanner
  2. Foam/padding material
  3. Bolts, screw, and nuts
  4. Protective Overalls
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Working gloves
  7. And truck tool box

Note Here: while getting the materials to use for your toolbox installation, use high quality or good quality materials only. Good quality padding material will go long run. Measurements should be correct, both the foam and the padding sheet ought to have the same measurements as your dimension of the truck bed toolbox. To obtain the correct measurements first star measuring the upper side of the toolbox, buy foam with those measurements. As this will keep off extra work of tear and wear.

Step 01: Choose the place of installation

First, start from measuring the size of your toolbox and get an idea where you want to install it. Second, grab your measuring tape and write down the box measures to place elements. Now after knowing the measurements inspect your truck bed, and look for the perfect location to install it. Which will be the right place! Front, corner or side!

Step 02: Foam Padding Fitting

Furthermore, foam padding is necessary while you are installing a toolbox. It acts as a guard, or can say it will safeguard the sides and bottom of the truck bed from any potential damage, and also helps preserve the paint of the truck bed. You have to place some rubber foam padding. Similarly, use a measuring tape, place it on your truck’s bed rail.

Note:  If your truck comes with a bed liner, you can skip this foam padding as the liner will adequately protect the surface of the truck from any damage.

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Step 03: Place your toolbox above the Existing holes:

Even though, all pickup trucks cargo bay already featured with some holes on its bottom surface usually plugged with some rubber plugs. Remove the plugs and align your toolbox to the right position. To make it easier to align, open the cover of the toolbox to see the box bottom aligning with the truck bed rail.

Step 04: Fit the J-hooks and other bolts

After placing the toolbox and you’re satisfied with the alienation of the toolbox with bed rail holes, start screwing the bolts into place. Some toolboxes come with varied designs, for which you might be required to fasten some bolts before placing the box on the rails, besides, if you have the simplest version then you will need bolts to fix your toolbox in place.

Step 05: fixing with bolts

Name the positioning mounting brackets as AB and C. naming convention will easier the process. Hold the toolbox positioning the level A mounting bracket with B/C. once the side mount toolbox is level and the mounting brackets B and C are in the desired position. Use a pair of vise-grips to hold them together. Now in the existing holes use that hole in mounting bracket B and drill two ⅜’’ holes through mounting bracket C. Likewise, secure both together with button bolt, flat washer and hex nut at each location.

Tighten the hex nut until snug using a wrench or make sure all are in its level, recheck the side mount toolbox. Through the existing holes in the bottom of the mounting bracket mark the floor. Drill their two holes in the floor marked locations. And secure mounting brackets to the floor using black metal screws and black flat washers. Tighten into place using a wrench or socket. In the same way, tighten all the bolts. However, Place plastic plugs into the holes at the bottom of the vehicle.

Maintenance Instruction:

  • To maintain the luster of your toolbox, clean it on a regular basis using a mild detergent.
  • Lubricate all locks, latches, latching rods and hinges to assure smooth and proper operation for the life of the toolbox.

Benefits of the toolbox:

Most pickup truck doesn’t come with a unique storage system for your tools. Rather, a truck tool box is a must-have for your truck. Keeping tools in a toolbox, as a result, the thief won’t be able to gain access to your tools and will rather turn away to look for a new target.

Security: when talking about in terms of security, identically simply keeping tools inside a box positioned on the bed of a truck doesn’t guarantee their safety. If ones your tools got stolen, it will cause negative needless effort, stress, and your have to invest time as well as money to get a new one, all sort of discomfort that comes with not having one. For the security, purpose gets a truck bed toolbox. These boxes have thick-wall, sturdy safes which secure your tools.

Toolbox types based on Materials:

Based on material truck bed toolboxes are made up of three types of materials. Those are stainless steel, steel, and aluminum. Each type of truck tool box has its own unique benefits and shortcomings.


The best truck bed toolboxes are designed with a band sheet aluminum coated with a diamond plate pattern. The aluminum diamond plate is sturdy and affordable and has non slip features. It enhances the look of the truck by giving a shiny texture. These are light in weight and has great strength as compared to steel. It gives a shiny effect and also offers security, durability, and toughness without adding extra weight. These are also non-corrosion and doesn’t deteriorate.

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Steel truck tool boxes are less common as compared to aluminum. In comparison to weight, steel is heavier. These generally coated with a powder finish to prevent steel from corrosion. If you are getting a steel one for your truck you have to deal with a more weighty truck. Heavier in weight means more fuel consumption. It is suggestable to buy aluminum.


Now come to stainless steel,  it has a lower rating compared to aluminum in terms of the materials used for truck bed tool boxes. It has more features than steel. These are also non-corrosion rigid and tougher than steel. The downside of the stainless steel boxes are more expensive than the other models and you need to pay the extra amount to get these luxury items. Despite this, it doesn’t have any powder coating. It still has a susceptibility to highly corrosive environments such as areas with excess chemical salts, excess de-icing salts, and coastal areas. However, always keep in mind that you will have to do an extra maintenance duty in case it develops any corrosion.


Plastic made tool boxes are rough and less durable. However, only one plus point of this toolboxes is that it is light in weight, so they don’t exert any pressure on the truck body, and as it is plastic it does not rust which is also an advantage of getting a plastic toolbox for the truck.

Toolbox types based on location:

Based on installation techniques it is categorized under 899 types, some common are listed below:

Crossover Boxes:  

Crossover boxes are installed behind the cab and do not extend till the floor, they span across the entire truck’s bed, and rests on the bed’s sides. Unlike, it rests on the sides of the truck bed. Whereas sometimes a slide may be mounted on the sides of the floor bed which allows the box to slide through the length of the truck bed.

Side Mount Boxes:

Side mount boxes can install on either the left or right side of the truck. However, these are mounted on the bed rail and run along the length of the truck bed. These are easy to access when standing near the truck’s bed. It extends down into the bed but does not touch the floor.

Chest Tool Boxes:

Chest tool boxes are usually installed behind the cab under the rear window, these are placed on the floor of the truck bed. These toolboxes never rise above the side of the bed. Unlike other boxes, they are not installed on the side bed rails. They didn’t cause any obstruction of the view from the rear view mirror. The only downside of this type of toolbox is that it limits the space on the floor of the truck that can be used.

Top Mount Boxes:

As the name says, these toolboxes are mounted on the top of side bed rails. They extend upward and do not extend into the floor area of the truck bed. These kinds of toolboxes are highly accessible. The major drawback of these types of toolboxes is that they can cause blind spots for the driver.

Storage Drawers:

These storage drawers lie on the floor bed. These are horizontal and flat. And easily assemble in the floor bed. The only drawback of these boxes is they don’t accommodate heavy and bulky items. And the plus point is that it causes zero hindrance for the driver to look back from the rear mirror.

Wheel Well Boxes:

Wheel well boxes are narrow and tall. These are mounted only on the floor bed and occupy the space behind the rear wheel well humps.

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Some Wheel Well boxes are designed as such that they can swing on the hinges, which make access from behind easier.

Fifth Wheel Boxes:

Fifth wheel boxes are designed specially. They are not a hindrance when a trailer needs to be attached. There is a place on the floor of the truck bed. It can come in various shapes, but none come as a fifth wheel attachment. These are technically not toolboxes at all. Since these typically aren’t made of metal because of weight, they may not have the same cargo carrying space as other bed types of boxes.

Fuel Tank Toolbox Combo:

These are the best in the series. this kind of toolboxes is even equipped with auxiliary fuel tanks inside them the fuel tanks have a capacity of 30 to 60 gallons. And they are legal to use in the US. This combination of the fuel tank with tool box storage space is a solution for two problems in one short of action. Some of these boxes also can come in different types of boxes, from crossover boxes to chest types.

Contractor Underbody Tool Boxes:

More of a niche type of toolbox, contractor underbody tool boxes are usually mounted or installed in front of the rear tires or behind them underneath the back of a flatbed truck. Additionally, they utilize otherwise unused space leaving the contractors flatbed open for bigger jobs requiring more space.

Best Features of Good Truck Boxes

There are some features that indicate the quality of good truck boxes for tool storage. There are ample varieties are available in the market but not all are suggestable to buy. The listing below the features

We need to search for quality features. Here are the hey:

01. Volume and dimensions:

The good fit is when volume and dimension of toolbox match with the size of your truck bed We also need to consider the storage capacity.

02. Water Resistance and sustainability:

No one would prefer to get their toolbox rust due to water. The quality of a good toolbox is water resistance. A water resistance toolbox will always withstand heavy rain and protects the items from an external source.

03. Resistance to Sturd:

Again sturdy is a quality of a good toolbox. Sturdiness signifies that how resistance the toolbox is to dents. If the box is more studies means the toolbox is more rigid. It is a necessity to have a toolbox to be rigid. Trucks are best for transportation of heavy, valuable and specialized items. If the storage unit will not be strong then it will not last long.

04. Compatibilities:

Some of the companies design the toolboxes for specific vehicles. In order to get the correct toolbox, you should first check the compatibility of the trucks floor bed. A toolbox that is not compatible with your vehicle is of no good use to you as well. TheTruck toolboxes are essential for any truck owner. Everyone would like to keep their toolbox safe, created and organized. As there are varieties of truck boxes for tool storage available in the market, you can definitely find the one which matches as per your needs and fits well on your truck.

Related Questions:

Does toolbox come with hardware to attach to the bed?

No, it doesn’t come with hardware, only bolts and washers you can find inside the kit. If needed you have to purchase additionally.

Which kind of material, for toolbox is good?

Aluminum-based toolboxes are the best in comparison to other kinds of toolboxes available in the market.

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