How to Install Truck Bed LED Lights – Complete Guide

Led Lighting For Truck Bed comes with great features and functions, people delivering cargo at night needs a light in their truck bed. The truck bed does not come to this facility, installing the lede lighting kit is a great solution for those shipping, as well as many more features added. As led lights are power efficient and last for years. One time investment for the long run.  See everything your hauling with led rail strips, and operating it is very convenient.

Turn your ordinary truck into a bright and stylish with easy installation, even some led lights can be sound sync in your truck. This truck bed led lighting is control by a switch. Some led lighting comes with a mini remote control system, you can go for that also.

Most led lights come with a warranty of at least one year, any damage can be replaced in that year period, hence there is minimal chance of any damage, enhances your truck ‘s function and appearance with extremely fancy way.

It will wire directly to your truck battery or can be included 12v cig adapter to get quick lit. It is waterproof, so no worry if it gets wet. One of the best features of this led lighting lights is when the tailgate is dropped it automatically goes max bright white. As this happens because it has an optional tailgate pin.

Truck Bed LED lighting Installation:

 The installation is very easy. Read all the instructions thoroughly before installing as it will help you get a good idea of how to install!

Truck bed lighting kit includes:

  • Four pod lights of two strands
  • on/off switch
  • Female spade connector

Step 01:

Wash and dry your truck’s bed and tailgate areas thoroughly. Clean bed and tail glued with adhesive tape holds tightly the rug.

Step 02:

Using rubbing alcohol clean all areas of your truck bed, you as further to apply tape. Note here, if you want to use adhesive tape, do not remove the backing from any tape. It is advisable do not use adhere. If using do not touch the adhere while removing backing.

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Step 03:

Start arranging the lights in your truck bed by the sequence you want to install. The instruction kit includes a plan or schematic way for the ideal placement of each led light pod.

Before installing check the space under the tonneau cover or bed rail to mount led pod light.

You may need some zip ties in case if the strand lights are too long, too long strands will hang and don’t look good to see. If hang gather the excess wire between the pods and zip tie them to secure.

NOTE: do not cut any wire unnecessarily between each pod in order to shorten them. If so it has done, this is a void of all warranties.

Step 04:

As you have determined the locations you want to mount your leads, then start mounting each pod light I the clean surface of your truck bed. Attach pods and press firmly on each pod to secure it. If you want to secure it with the strongest bond, use adhesion promoter tap. You have to get it separately from your kit.

Step 05:

 After that take the power wire and connect it to the cab, as a result, you will have a path for the power wire from both light strands through the existing holes. Attach a rubber grommet while routing.

Note: If your truck bed doesn’t have any existing holes, you need to drill one, even a new hole needs to be fixed by a rubber grommet, installing a rubber grommet is safety for power lines, as metal can cut power wires over time.

Step 06:

Start connecting the wires, first connect the 18 gauge automotive grade wiring to a positive 12-volt source. Connect the wire to the positive terminal of the battery or you connect any 12volt source in the fuse box using the expandable circuit, though you have to get in separately, as it is not included in the kit.

NOTE: If you want to light your LED lights without turning on your truck, you have to install a 5amp inline fuse 6-8 inches from the power supply, connect this power wire to a constant 12-volt source.

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Step 07:

Using the supplied female spade connector, attach the wire which you connected to the positive 12-volt source to the right post on the on/off switch.

Step 08:

After that connect both power wires to the center post on the switch, using the supplied female spade connector.

NOTE: If you have an existing switch or want to use any different switch than the provided one, check the switch is rated for 12 volts and follow specific instructions for the switch or not.

Step 09:

Take both solid black ground wires to the left brass pin through the hole on the on/off switch.

Step 10:

To the ground, source attaches a ground wire and connect this wire to both of the kit’s ground wires. To the left brass, pin post connect on the on/off switch using the supplied spade connector. As doing so this will provide illumination to the switch when turned on.

Step 11:

Using zip ties secure all the excess wire.

Step 12: 

As the installation part completed, to ensure all of the wires connected properly and lights are functioning properly power on the system.

Pro and cons of led lighting:


01. Price inefficient:

Everything has a pro and a con. After researching we find out some cons of LED lighting. The greatest disadvantage in LED lighting we can find is its pricing. If you go through over the past years, the price point of led lights has dropped continuously. Yet it has a still higher price. If you compare its price with other fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps, the lead has a little high price.

You can purchase LED lamps paying $10 to $35 each, while fluorescent lamps cost a few dollars and CFL bulbs cost $3 to $5. Though LED lights are the most cost-effective choice because they have long life and energy saving efficiency.

02. Color Limitation:

Led lights have a color limitation, it is less efficient in creating colors. Moreover, most led lamps are white color, it uses diodes of different colors to produce white light. It can produce a little blueish color sometimes.

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Sometimes in the long run LEDs, themselves begin to degrade in terms of the color quality of the light produces. In some cases poorly designed led loss the brightness and unbalance in light and flickering noticed.


01. Energy Efficiency:

One of the greatest advantages of led lighting is its energy efficiency or can say the consumption of energy is less as compared to other lighting gadgets, led lights are measured in lumens, not in watts. It is found in the different survey that led lights offers 80 percent of energy efficiency, while the 20 percent is given off as heat. So obviously there is a bit of saving there, plus great advantage as said beforehand emits much less heat and makes it safe as its cool to the touch.

The US Department of Energy says that there will be a great widespread use of LED lighting by 2027 in the US which will be a potentially save of electricity and save about 348 TWh of electricity. As a monetary savings of a minimum $30 billion.


Another best feature of led light is its long-lasting capacity. These are not made of up fragile materials like glass, they can withstand a lot more than any fluorescent bulbs or from any incandescent adding more features of these led lighting is that it is not easily broken in shipment or during installation.

03. Eco- Friendly:

It is environmental friendly, it is not made with any hazardous chemical and in comparison to fluorescent lights which is made from mercury and need to be disposed of in a special way. But this is not in case of led lighting. About 95 percent of all led lights are able to recycle.

Related Questions:

Which is the best-led lighting for the truck bed?

Night TR-05 60″ 2PCS 60” 180 LEDs Bed Strip Kit with Waterproof on/Off Switch Blade Fuse 2-Way Splitter Extension Cable for Cargo, Pickup Truck, SUV, RV, Boat (White Light) is the best one. It has a highly impressive brightness, easy to install and highly durable and flexible one.

How many lumens does led lighting have?

It has 20 to 22 lumens, it gives a good amount of lighting or the level of brightness.

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