How to Fix Tonneau Cover Common Problems

How to fix tonneau cover common problems ? Well, to fix the problems, you need to at first understand the possible problems that you can find in your tonneau cover.

Tonneau covers are specially designed to protect your truck bed from bad weather, your goods from dust thereby minimising the risk of possible damages to your cargo. It also protects your belongings from being theft.

If your tonneau cover is damaged, it does not give the same results and also no longer serve any of these purposes.

We can discuss about the common tonneau cover problems that arise out of damage, wrong fitting, wearing out because of its age, and using an incorrect size cover for your vehicle. All these problems lead to leaking; flipping and sometimes the cover may stick to the truck bed. So, let us discuss all these issues and how to fix them to avoid the possible problems that may cause problems during your travel days.

Common Tonneau Cover Problems and How To Fix Them?

In this article, we have discussed about some of the most common problems that can occur on your tonneau cover. We have also discussed about the tricks and tips to fix these problems.

How To Fix Water Leakage

When you travel during the rainy season, it may cause rainwater leakage when the weather becomes stormy or windy outside. The force of the wind allows the rain droplets to forcefully enter between the tonneau covers and the body of the vehicle.

Tonneau covers are designed in such a way that they can resist water to enter inside the covers and the vehicle’s body. So the rain water that hits the covers from above or on vertical angles do not usually causes leakage, unless the tonneau cover is damaged.

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In this case, you can follow certain tips to fix your leaking tonneau cover. Sometimes the pressure of water that is caused due to heavy rain or stormy rain may allow the water to penetrate between the edges of the covers. It can also happen while the vehicle is being washed.

To fix this leaking water problem, you need to use a tailgate cover seal that covers both the gap along the bottom and both sides of the tailgate.  The tailgate seal is very efficient in preventing moisture and it also does not allow the dust out.

Remember, you have to check the front bulkhead or the front of the truck bed to ensure that it is not at the same level as sides of the bed before installing the cover.

You have to keep it in a slanting manner so that the water drains from the covers. If you install these parts at the same level, then you can fix it by adding add extra foam to the front section of the truck bed.

If you have a plastic drop-in bed liner, then you have to check the outer edge of front bed rail to make sure that the bed-liner portion covers the whole width of the front bed rail without leaving a place for water to enter inside.

How to fix your noisy Tonneau Cover?

If you fit the tonneau cover correctly, then it will never make any noise. Likewise, if your cover is not fitted well, then it may produce some irritating sound.

Usually Tonneau cover makes noises because of the loose installation. Also, if your tonneau cover is damaged, then it allows air to enter inside the truck bed through holes or cracks.

If at any point of time you notice any noise from the tonneau cover, first you need to check on the fit. Check whether it can be tightened more by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

If you have installed a large size tonneau cover to a small truck bed then also it can produce these kinds of noises. If this is the issue, then you need to double check if the cover perfectly fits your specific truck bed.

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If the size is not an issue here, then you need to check the seals if there are some cracks in the seal. Also check if the seal is broken, which allows the air to enter under the cover making it to flap while truck is in motion. If you follow these tips, you can get rid of that annoying noise that your tonneau cover is producing right now.

If your Tonneau Cover has fitting issues

Tonneau covers are manufactured in such a way that they fit a particular design of truck bed. Hence, you should always make sure that you purchase the right size and design of tonneau cover for your specific truck bed. You can either check the specific models offered for the cover. You can also take the proper dimensions of the truck bed with the help of a tape measure if you are planning to buy a new tonneau cover.

After you purchase the right tonneau cover, you should now take care to install it correctly. After installing it properly, check the seal and the hardware. Remember the hardware you fix should not be loose from any end. The damaged hardware also create a lot of problem afterwards.

Defective Seal

If a seal is defective or missing, then you need to replace or repair your tonneau cover immediately so that you can prevent further damage caused to your tonneau cover. Repairing the cover will also ensure that the cover is not wearing out faster than it should.

If you have a damaged tonneau cover seal or the seal has gone missing, then it may allow the cover to flip thereby allowing air, dust, and water to enter and damage the hard retractable cover further and faster.

Sometimes Tonneau cover does not open

If you have a good tonneau cover then it should glide smoothly when you open and close the cover. If your cover starts to get stuck or become harder to operate in the long run, then you need to look into the matter seriously.

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If you have issues like your tonneau cover does not open or becomes stuck, then there might be some rust stuck in the opening mechanism. To fix this problem, apply some lubrication to these areas. Then you need to check if there is some damage that happens due to age and frequent use.

How to fix the problems measuring your Tonneau Cover?

You need to take the proper dimensions of your truck’s bed length before purchasing a tonneau cover. Remember that not every truck has the same measurement as it is indicated in the vehicle’s manual.

We can discuss certain tricks and tips to measure your truck bed before choosing a tonneau cover for your truck.

First of all place the end of the measuring tape at the bulkhead or space where the truck bed attaches to the back of the cab.

Then measure the closest point to the side of the bed and note down the measurements.

Place the measuring tape to the inside edge of the tailgate and take measurements. Then note it down.

After taking the measurements, take the number of inches measured and divide them by 12 to determine your pickup’s bed length.


Tonneau cover is a very important aspect for your truck bed as far as protection of your truck and cargo is concerned. They protect the truck bed as well as the contents kept inside it from water, sunlight, corrosion, paint damage, dust, and heat. So, truck bed covers do possess certain problems in the long run. So, you can follow the above discussed tips to fix these issues immediately you spot them. This will help you avoid the possible problems that may arise due to a damaged tonneau cover.So,by now this article solves out how to fix tonneau cover common problems. 

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