How To Clean The Motor Oil Spill On Pickup Truck Bed?

Cleaning the Motor Oil Spill is not tough to work anymore. Cleaning up oil spills on the truck bed is now much easier. There’s no need for professional tools or material. Just some common items which you can easily find in the market. You can get the job done without taking it to a carwash.

I always store my oil container in my truck bed, as I don’t have a garage or handy place to keep it. So many times I found the oil spill, cleaning it is a tough challenge and taking the truck for wash always not possible for me. So after trying to clean it in so many ways, I found the best and simple way. If you are also struggling with those greasy stains! Continue reading this blog to know the best solution. Degreaser is the best remedy to clean the oil spill.

Many people suggest me to use kitty litter. Though I tried but doesn’t get the desired result. Kitty litter can be used other than the truck bed area. Moreover, it can be used in, the garage, driveway, etc. Although it’s particularly helpful with fresh oil spills in garages.

Now let’s get down to know how it can be cleaned efficiently without any stain in one go. I follow these processes whenever I got an oil spill. As a result, It saves me time and money.

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Ways to clean Motor Oil spill:

Way 01: With Vinegar

Step 01:

All you need is paper towels, scraper, a cup, vinegar, and a soft cloth. First of all, use a lot of paper towels to get most of the oil off. Paper towels soak oil easily. It will make the cleaning process easy. Vinegar is very useful for cleaning purpose, it works effectively and removes all types of stains and spills easily.

Step 02:

If the motor oil is stubborn then use a scraper to scrap it a little without hampering your truck bed. Use plastic scraper as it will not make any scratches on the truck bed. you can buy a scraper from online stores with a discount on MRP.

Step 03:

Take a plastic cup of capacity 100ml. Pour 50ml of vinegar in the cup and dip a soft cloth. Take out the cloth and wipe the oil off. Use a good quality of vinegar.

Way 02: With Alcohol

Step 01:

To clean with alcohol, you will need rubbing alcohol, and a sponge. Pour a generous amount of rubbing alcohol to a sponge. Let the sponge soak the rubbing alcohol.

Step 02:

Using that sponge wipe directly the oil spill, it will take more time as compared to vinegar. Rub the area until the oil disappears. You may need to apply more alcohol while rubbing.

Way 03: With Dish-washing liquid

Step 01:

Cleaning with dishwashing liquid is quick, easy and effective. Dishwashing liquid has additional surfactants and solvent designed to break down oils. To clean you will need a good dishwashing liquid like the dawn, a scrubber, a wiper, and clean water. Finally, apply a good amount of dishwashing liquid and let it sit for 5 minutes.

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Step 02:

Take a scrubber, and scrub it for a while, you can see instant results, as the liquid breaks the oil bond it easily gets out from the surface of the truck bed.

Step 03:

Rinse the surface with clean water, as a result, you will get rid of oil. Don’t leave water in the truck bed, as it can cause rust. Next, take a wiper and wipe the extra water from the surface.

Way 04: With Degreaser

Step 01:

Degreaser’s cleaning agent used to dissolve oil and grease from hard surfaces like a truck bed. It contains chemicals that are designed to cause a chemical reaction to change the state of substance and make it easier to remove.

However, to clean the stubborn motor oil spill. All you need is a degreaser of your choice, water-based is more preferable, scrubber, and clean water.

Step 02:

Finally, apply a good amount of degreaser to the oil spill and let it sit for 3 to 4 minutes. 3 minutes is enough for degreaser to loosen any stubborn motor oil.

Step 03:

After that, scrub the surface using a scrubbing brush for some time, and rinse or damp wipe with clean water. It will definitely clean the oil spill in one go.


  • Never use high-alkaline cleaners, it is corrosive. Which can cause damage in the form of chemical burns and also damages materials?
  • Before using any cleaner, follow manufacturer label directions to prevent damage and injury.
  • Most high alkaline cleaners require well-ventilated space. And while using them wear skin and eye protection equipment.
  • Remember products containing ammonia or lye should never be mixed with bleach because if mixed as a result chemical reaction produces poisonous chlorine gas.
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Related Questions-

Is degreaser harmful?

No, if you follow the instructions correctly. Read the instructions before using and everything will be fine.

What other areas of a truck you can clean using a degreaser?

As it a degreaser you can clean your engine also.


Cleaning oil is tough and takes hours to get rid off. But with some simple knowledge, you can clean it in a smart way. Saving time as well as energy. No more fear of oil spill and oil stain, now you can remove them without taking your Truck to the truck wash. With easy and effective ways to clean them.

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