How Much Does A Golf Cart Cost? (Read This First)

If you are recently thinking about purchasing a golf cart, then you must be asking yourself, “How much does golf cart cost?” Well, generally, a new golf cart may cost you as little as $7000 and as much as $17,000.

The golf cart has gained its popularity over the years. As a result, golf cart market has reached an impressive number of 1.6 billion dollars. This shows that you have a wide range of options as far as golf carts are concerned. So, let us discuss the different types of golf carts depending on their prices and features.

Different Types of Golf Carts

Basically, there are two types of golf carts, such as: gas-powered golf cart and electric golf cart. Gas-powered golf carts are very common. However, popularity of electric golf carts has been increasing across the country. So, let us discuss various aspects of these two types of carts to find out which one best suits your requirements.






Pricing plays the vital role while purchasing golf cart. You can expect to invest around $7500-$15,000, depending on the features you require in your golf cart.

If you are purchasing new electric golf carts, then it can be a little more expensive than the gas-powered carts. Interestingly, used electric golf cars are cheaper than used gas-powered golf carts. Hence, if you are on a tight budget, then you can choose accordingly.

As discussed above, gas-powered golf carts are cheaper than electric ones when bought new. However they are more expensive if you choose used ones. As far as price range is concerned, gas powered golf carts offer a better price range.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is one of the most important factors while you think about purchasing golf cart. So, let us find out which one is a better choice.

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In electric carts, you need to keep the batteries charged often and after every time you use them. Otherwise, you have to replace the batteries every few weeks. An electric golf cart comes with a battery charger; each set of batteries last a few years.

Gas powered carts require the typical maintenance of a gas-powered car. You need to conduct routine oil changes and replace parts as they go out. So, you can send it into a shop for repairs if you found some critical issues. Moreover, the cost of gasoline can add a few more bucks to the expenditure.


You can notice a great variation in the performance of both the golf carts. Let us check both the carts to find out which one suits your requirements best.

Electric ones come with an average top speed of 24mph; hence these carts are very fast. You can make a few modifications to increase their speed up to 30mph. Electric golf carts such as the newer 48V models carry high torque. The high speed is an added feature that you may consider while purchasing golf cart.

Gas powered carts have an average top speed of around 20mph; however, they are slower than electric ones. You cannot do too many modifications to boost their speed.


The range in which the golf carts operate is also a big aspect that you should consider while purchasing golf cart for you.

Electric carts have to be charged, and you may not get designated golf cart charge stations at some places. So, the range is limited. Remember that you can get 40 miles on a full charge of your golf cart, and hence you need to get the 48V model. So, you may not go far with this restriction.

O the other hand gas powered carts are helpful if you are planning to trek across multiple beaches as they have a great range. You will get gas stations throughout the day as they use the same gas as other gas vehicles. Hence, you will definitely get a better range with gas powered carts.

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Level of Convenience

Another most important factor that you should consider while purchasing golf cart is how convenient it is to use. So, let us discuss which one is more convenient for you.

Electric ones are typically quieter because they use a battery rather than a combustion engine. Moreover, these carts can get their top speed faster with less sound than gas-powered carts.

On the other hand, gas powered carts are typically louder; however, the newer models come with combustion engine that produce lesser noise. The gas engine can make the seat warm, which you may not like if you live in a hot climate. Moreover, there are also chances that you may spill gasoline on the cart when you refuel the engine.

Comparing New and Used Golf Carts

If you are worried about budget, then we will recommend you to think about used golf carts. So, let us compare between the used and the new ones so that you will get a clear picture about whether you should go for a used one or not.

Price of Golf cart: If you are buying a new golf cart, then electric carts will cost you more than gas carts.  The price may vary depending on the different customisation options and add-ons.

So, you can buy a new electric golf cart at around $8,000 – $14,000, whereas gas-powered carts can cost you around $5,500 – $7,500. On the other hand, used electric golf carts will cost you around $2,500, whereas a used gas-powered cart costs around $3,500.

Features: If you are purchasing a new cart, then you can customise many aspects of your golf cart, whether it is electric or gas powered. So, while purchasing, you need to be careful about the features like the colour, seats, tires, and rims, etc.

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On the other hand, you have to source your custom parts for the used golf carts. However, this may add extra bucks to the total cost of your golf cart.

Reliability: If you are purchasing a used cart, then this may not be that much reliable as used ones may have a lot of hidden issues. Hence, we recommend you to thoroughly check the used golf carts that you are buying from private sellers. So make sure that you are purchasing a reliable cart. You can also purchase used ones from a dealer, which will a safer option for you.

Can I customise a golf cart?

Yes you can customise your golf cart. There are a lot of ways that you can customise a golf cart. Most popular customisation options include the colour of their cart, custom tires and rims, seats, and speed modules for electric models.

Many sellers of new golf carts usually include a few important modifications already. So you need not have to pay for as many accessories down the road. However, many dealers allow limited customisation. In this case, you have to buy a few other customisation accessories as per your requirements.


We have discussed two types of golf carts and made comparison considering various aspects. However, the choice is always yours when you want to purchase any product.

If you are looking to drive the greens and go into town for a restaurant, then you may choose electric golf carts. If you want to explore your tropical island and make long trips to beaches, then gas powered carts are best for you.

You can also go for a few customisation options if you are willing to spend a few more bucks on your golf cart. However, this will add a character to your cart and help you in many ways.

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