Complete Guide on BedRug Liner – Top Lists, Installations & More

The BedRug Liner is the most innovative and unique truck bed liner on the market. It is made of polypropylene. Truck owners shipping precious cargo, are always tensed about the protection of their cargo because a small mistake by a driver or little collision can lead to huge loses. Bedrug liner is the best solution for them. You can easily buy any on One of our friends owns a ford f150 truck while shipping his orders in the truck bed, sometimes his order gets damage due to a collision. So to get rid of any such damage he installed a bedrug to his truck bed.

In this blog, we will provide all the knowledge about the bedrug which we have after researching. Here we are going to discuss, What are the things you will need? What are the things you should do before installation? What safety measures you should follow ! and the process of installation. After doing some research and talking to some of our friends who own truck bed bedrugs, we have created this list of best bedrug in the market.  

List of best Bedrugs Liner:

From your wheel wells to truck tail all can cover when you have a truck bedrug liner. You can find a wide range of products.

  1. RV Trailer BEDRUG (Price: $ 400 to $750)
  2. Bedrug BRT09CCK (Price: $400 to $600)
  3. Bedrug BMC19LBS (Price: $136.12 to $250)
  4. Truxedo 298301 & BedRug BMQ15SBD/BMQ15TG Truxport Tonneau Cover & Classic Truck Bed Mat & Tailgate Mat Bundle ( Price: $472.00 to $500 plus shipping)
  5. Bedrug – BedTred Ultra UTC07LBK(Price :$350 to $466)

Installation of bedrug liner:

It is very easy to install and no need for sanding or drilling that damages the structure of your truck. With some simple steps, you can install on your own. While installing go through the instruction given with the kit. Improper installation will result in bedrug liner out of the truck while driving.

Tools Required:

  • Soft cloth
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Gloves
  • Awl and screwdriver
  • Bedrug Kit (floor/tailgate assy, bulkhead/sidewall assy, hardware kit, etc)

Step 01: Truck preparation:

  1. Wash and dry your truck’s bed and tailgate areas thoroughly. Clean bed and tail glued with adhesive tape holds tightly the rug.
  2. Check the temperature, Your truck bed should be at least 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) for maximum adhesion.
  3. Remove bolt-in type cargo hooks. It will be reinstalled later.
  4. Using rubbing alcohol clean all areas of your truck bed, you as further to apply tape. Note here, it is equally important, do not remove the backing from any tape until it’s needed to adhere and do not touch the adhere while removing backing.
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Step 02: Open the kit and check:

Go through the list provided inside the kit and check, all the parts are there as listed in the kit contents.

Step 03: Pre-assemble the bedrug liner:

  1. Start assembling, place bedrug in a clean floor facing down. There are two main parts (side wall and bed) of the bedrug liner. Align the sides of the bedrug.
  2. To fix the two main parts manufacturers provide zip lock, once properly aligned, zip sides into place.

Step 04: Pre-fit Bedrug into Truck bed:

  1. After assembling, take the bedrug liner and place it on your truck bed facing upward.
  2. Bedrug position must be front to rear and left to right by aligning all edges and tucking corners into place.
  3. Next, take rubbing alcohol and clean attachment areas thoroughly and allow them to dry.
  4. Note two things here first if your truck bed has a bed rail cargo management system installed, trim off sections in the corners of the bulkhead.
  5. If not proceed. Second, do not cut or put slits through any seams or sewn areas of the Bedrug, unless specifically detailed in the instructions.  Or else this will cause the seam to come completely apart.

Step 05: Install Velcro Fasteners:

  1. Apply 60’’ piece and one 63.5’’ piece of hook fastener to the underside of the bulkhead panel as shown leaving the adhesive side out and backing in place.  Note here-Do not remove adhesive protective film at this time.
  2. Apply five-piece of 2’’ hook fastener to the loop side at the bottom of bulkhead panel.
  3. Now cut pieces of the 2’’ wide hook fastener without adhesive tape and attach to the bulkhead panel. Further, leaving 1″ of 2″ wide Hook Fastener exposed for future attachment to front edges of side panels.
  4. Middle 1’’ * 2’’ row of hook fastener is not applicable on some models.
  5. Attach Hook Fasteners to BedTred Sidewall Panels. Find the 3, 10″ long Hook Fasteners and apply above wheel well and upper tier loading areas. Do Not Locate in wheel well itself.
  6. At 45° angles apply 6 pieces outside of each end of the wheel well. After that apply 2″ pieces on top and rear edges as needed.
  7. You will get extra adhesive strips in the kit for future use or if the installer deems more fasteners are necessary for better fit/appearance.

Step 06. Bedrug floor and Bulkhead Installation:

  1. First roll the bed rug floor towards you, exposing the 1’’* 36’’ fastener located on the Bedrug bottom.
  2. Secondly, remove the film of the velcro fastener and roll the bedrug floor and sidewalls back in place.
  3. Now firmly press the bedrug top surface for 10 seconds to ensure velcro adhesive attachment.
  4. Likewise, Repeat the same way on the other side.
  5. To determine the best location, fit the top Erde of bedrug bulkhead to the top edge of the body panel.
  6. While attaching clean attachments areas thoroughly clean with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry.
  7. In the same way, now remove the film working from bottom to top and center of part outboard. and roll the top edge back in place.
  8. Press firmly the bed rug top surface for 10 seconds to ensure adhesive attachment.
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Step 07. Other optional features for beds with tie-down hooks:

  1. Some beds are equipped with load extenders, some hooks may found and other functional equipment anywhere located on the floor. So for these, the installer is a little different.
  2. Create a cut mark or cut a small slit in the appropriate area allowing the equipment to pass through the surface of the bedrug. And do not through any seams or sewn lines.
  3. Remove the equipment before the bedrug installation if any, and then reinstall the equipment on top of the bedrug after once the installation of the bedrug is complete. It is equally important or else bedrugs liner will not fit your truck bed.
  4. Too easily locate fastener holes use an awl after bedrug is positioned for best fit.
  5. Make sure to re-torque tie down fasteners to the OEM  specifications.

Step 08. Installing BedRug sidewalls and Tailgate:

  1. The rear vertical corner of the bedrug should be positioned to match the pillar surface. Start from the front and working reward begin removing the film from fasteners bottom to top and from back to front. As told beforehand press the bedrug side walls for 10seconds to ensure adhesive attachment. And repeat the same to the other side. Note here if you are using the bedrug in conjunction with a bed extender, also cut the slits of the D pillar area to allow access to attachment holes.
  2. Now come to tailgate, rotate the bedrug up to access tailgate fasteners.
  3. Consequently, take rubbing alcohol and clean attachment areas thoroughly and allow them to dry.
  4. For instance, use adhesive promoter to plastic cap if applicable.
  5. Remove film and align the edge of the bedrug tailgate section to the top edge of the tailgate.
  6. If you get a 4298 adhesive promoter pack in the hardware kit then, do not adhere the hook fasteners to the factory plastic tailgate cap.
  7. Note here, most models are designed to adhere to sheet metal just below the plastic tailgate cap.
  8. Further, place the bedrug tailgate.
  9. Press the bedrug tailgate for 10 seconds as a result to ensure adhesive attachment.
  10. Finally, your installation is complete, then tuck BedRug material between the tailgate and truck bed.

Benefits of bedrug for your truck bed:

  1. It gives a great look to your truck, completes the look of a customized truck bed. Last a professional finish built to task on whatever task at hand.
  2. While working you in and out of your truck bed a lot. Which gives your knees torture of bone on metal, with bedrug it won’t happen anymore, as a result, it has 4 inches cushioned floor. You can use your truck bed without dreading the unloading process.
  3. No more worries for stain. It has the most innovative polypropylene material for which bleach, oil, and even battery acid cannot soak in and can be power washed out with ease.
  4. No more damage to your expensive cargo. The anti-skid surface of the bedrug bed liner prevents your cargo or most recent purchases from sliding around the bed of your truck.
  5. Very easy to clean and simple to remove. The cleaning of a bed of your truck is more difficult without a liner.  It’s hard work before, as the stains might stick like glue. No more such tensions, the bedrug bed liner is as easy as spraying it out with a water hose. And if you choose to remove it for any reason you can easily get it out. The adhesive 3M will remain on your bed surface so you can easily put it back in.
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The foam of the bedrug liner made of up polypropylene due to which foam will not absorb liquids. Usually, the cleaning process is done by using a vacuum. The top surface fiber resists stains and deterioration from all kinds of chemicals, acids, gases, and oils. Moreover, you have to follow some cleaning instructions to keep your bedrug clean and serviceable for as long as you own your truck.

Easy cleaning and maintenance:

  1. The easiest way to clean is by broom, vacuum, brush and can use compressed to remove dirt, grime, sand, mulch, etc. you can pressure wash also, as the water will not harm the bedrug. It is the most convenient and effective way to clean a soiled bedrug.
  2. When an acid spill occurs you should apply baking soda immediately to neutralize the acid to ensure the safety of the paint on the truck. Although it will not harm the bedrug.
  3. You can also use and apply detergent soap and degreaser with water to get rid of any kind of spill. Tougher spills such as gasoline, oil, chemicals, acid spills all can be removed. As detergent soap is used in most car wash locations with pressure washing equipment.
  4. The bedrug polypropylene closed cell foam will not absorb any liquid form substance like water or oil, and a greater advantage the polypropylene fibers dry in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it work if you have a drop in bed liner?


The bed rug would fit but not as well as it would without the drop in liner. The zip inside walls would not fit with the liner.

Will this work with a spray on a bed liner?


Yes, it will work, just be sure to clean the area that it will stick. clean really well with rubbing alcohol.

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