Auxiliary Fuel Tanks To Cover Long Distances In Pickup Truck


Auxiliary fuel tanks are the best way of extending the fuel range of your trucks. If you are a long distance rider, indeed it is the best alternative of plastic fuel containers. Carrying plastic fuel cans are dangerous and they might get stolen easily. As long-distance travel requires a considerable amount of time spent off-road, it might happen that you won’t find any gas filling station in the time when you are running out of gas, or may not get gas stations at regular intervals.

Solution for those situations, hence to smooth the way auxiliary fuel tanks are the best alternatives, till one reaches a favorable destination. Auxiliary fuel tanks for pickup trucks are sold on various websites, you can easily find them browsing, to get it at a cheaper price you can buy from Amazon. These are available as kits, you can install an auxiliary fuel tank by calling a professional installer with less hassle and minimal investment. If you search nearby, you can find vendors that sell auxiliary fuel tanks for pickup trucks with all the parts and a complete set of comprehensive instructions kit. If you are capable of installing the auxiliary tank, however, you save a couple of hundred dollars on the cost of installation.

Note here:

But our suggestion is you take the help of any professionals and install it, as it will offer the owner of the truck, peace of mind. Because the chances of mistakes by the professional are not happening.

Concept of Auxiliary Fuel Tanks:

The concept of auxiliary fuel tank originates during the Spanish civil war in 1936 when they need extra fuel in there fighter aircraft to increase the aircraft durability and longevity in the sky. Then after World War II, the Germans starts carrying 70 US Gallons of auxiliary fuel tanks on their sustained flight path. The technology of incorporating auxiliary tanks in a few of their plan models is started by the Americans in 1944. However, with time, many American planes were equipped with external fuel tanks for long flights.

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Auxiliary Fuel Tank’s Precautions:

A question on safety arises when someone carrying 3 or 4 times as much fuel. It is obvious that safety comes first. In terms of safety measures, auxiliary fuel tanks are safe. It is available in two options. One is heavy duty steel and another one is aluminum heavy duty. Having a heavy metal container, which is safely secured in the bed of your truck is safer than having plastic containers strapped down in the bed or worse in the vehicle.

Installing by the help of experts, assured that everything is safe. The quality of fitting gives peace of mind to the truck owners. Metal container which is safely secured in the bed of your truck bed is safer than having plastic containers, strapped down in the bed, or in the bed.  And the great advantage of these is, no one has to suffer respiratory issues, as the fumes from the fuel cause it. Storing it properly helps everyone breathe better.

Toolbox/Fuel tank combos:

You can find an option as toolbox and fuel tank combos. A great solution for two problems. It will provide auxiliary fuel tank as well as storage needs while increasing available mileage between fill-ups. All your tools like tow straps, chains, cables, and tie downs will have a place in one space. Also, you can place the hand tools you might need for the job, while to tune up and repair your truck as you are on the road. Everything is in one space.

Options and Capacities:

You may find ranges of auxiliary fuel tanks of different attributes and options. Metal and hard plastic mainly two subtypes are available. Plastic high- density polyethylene tanks are made by blow molding and are valued for their low emissions. Another type of tank is fluorine gas variety. Don’t go for those. The best type of truck is steel and aluminum. Which is obtain by the welding of stamp sheets, and are also available in different websites.

Steel vs. Aluminum Auxiliary Fuel Tanks:

It totally depends on the truck owner, which one they want to install. It depends on your business, which one will be the best for you. In our suggestion go for the aluminum auxiliary fuel tank. But if your budget is less than go for a steel one. Aluminum costs more but can save money later on and lasts for the long run. Aluminum fuel tanks are lighter in weight as compared to steel fuel tanks. Lighter in weight means using less fuel for all travels. Adds weather guard advantage also, it is less prone to corrosion and rust. For example, if your truck is going to be used in an area with a lot of snow and salt on the road, like places then chances of rust and corrosion are increases. The metal auxiliary fuel tank tends to be less available on the market and less competitive.

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Advice On Fitting Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Fitting of auxiliary fuel tanks is easy if you have a piece of good knowledge on this. Better to take the help of an expert. It is worth buying an auxiliary tank as very simple and similar in its specification to your main tank. The best place to fit the auxiliary fuel tank is the opposite of the existing one. First of all place an electric pump into the filler pipe of the existing tank. So that whenever your main tank begins to run out, you have fuel reserves of perhaps 30 or 40 gallons, which is indeed very convenient. Make sure to always remember to turn the pump off. So there will be no risk of overflow as well as no loss of fuel. Auxiliary system tank allows the automatic transfer of fuel from the auxiliary to the main tank.

Buying Tips:

Every truck has a digital fuel meter, as same, the auxiliary tank also has a digital system. which readout of the amount of fuel in both tanks and indicate those on a control panel. the information and automation, this system is known as the very best in auxiliary fuel tank systems. Very often it incorporates a switch labeled “Main” or “Auxiliary.”When you are looking for an auxiliary tank, you must get confused about which one to buy.

Buy according to your needs. Determine the exact features you need, how much capacity and storage you need. Decide capacity on your need for fuel, look about the efficiency of the delivery system. You will save yourself a lot of time and money if you bother to conduct thorough investigations before you go ahead and make a purchase of an auxiliary fuel tank.

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The Benefits of Auxiliary Fuel Tank Kits

There are huge numbers of benefits, of installing an auxiliary fuel tank kits.

  1. The auxiliary fuel tank provides a safer way to carry fuel.
  2. As you have additional storage for fuel when you find a super low price on fuel you can fill up the tank along with the auxiliary fuel tank and get the benefit of reduced fuel pricing immediately. It is a small financial benefit. This is easy with smartphone gas price apps. They can tell you where the cheapest gas is in the towns and cities along your route, and how to get to them. Though having the choice of where to stop with longer fuel range helps you have the power to choose. Remote gas stations many times capitalize on the need for gas in these areas by inflating their prices. Having more gallons of fuel on board helps you get to the next less expensive options.
  3. The trend of the auxiliary tank is appreciable vastly among customers. You can plan for long road trips, without worrying about finding fuel stations with short intervals. This will make fewer stops and starts. And can plan fewer stops.
  4. Indeed it is a wise investment, while the consumer is provided with the ability to shop around for the very best fuel prices the saving that the truck owner drives in a period of two or three years will be equivalent to the price of the auxiliary fuel tank that the owner has installed.
  5. No worries of fuel siphoned or stolen as well. The auxiliary tanks are of special metal like aluminum. This means there is no chance to stole or siphon. 
  6. Most auxiliary fuel tank comes with a warranty. This also comes as a benefit. Usually, the warranty will cover the fuel tanks for a period of time or until a certain mile from the moment that the auxiliary diesel fuel tank is installed.

Related questions:

 Does it leak from rain?

No, it will not leak. Suitable for all seasons.

How much does this weigh when empty?

It is 145lbs approximately when empty. Two people can easily put it in the bed.

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